GRID05 Interview on their move to Back2Back

BY Andrew Miesner / June 23, 2009

GRID05 make a switch to Back2Back

Former GRID05 Roster recently made the switch over to Back2Back. Back2Back is a new organization that has come out of nowhere. The owner, Michael “Hero” Albrecht, and Adrenaline have joined me for a quick interview on who he is and what Back2Back is:

– Who are you personally, and what is Back2Back?

My name is Michael Albrecht, I’m from Riverside, CA. I have been playing Counter Strike for years and never really thought much about professional gaming, until it finally hit me this year in my senior year of high school.  I’ve always been competitive in everything I do and striving to do my best. As for Back2Back, it all started a few years ago. Before back2back, I actually wanted to be a professional gamer myself and to be able to play for those top teams in the US at that time. Over time I realized my chances to be spotted were almost impossible. Then after High School I figured I should get involved in the community in a different way. I decided to get involved by creating a Professional Gaming Organization. I put time and effort into this idea, and I have finally come up great. Looking at GRID05 as an option, I soon contacted them and got two of the players in a ventrilo. We discussed for several hours what is to come, and they seemed interested. Though they looked to be struggling in ESEA, I know this team has the talent to make it to the top with some financial backing and moral support. I am also looking into several other games, so stay tuned for more news on that.

– What are the goals for Back2Back and how do you plan to carry out these goals?

Back2Back has many goals both personal and team related.  Our main goal as a team is striving to do our best and to improve. Every night I see our counter strike team playing in scrims and practicing to improve on their chemistry and individual skill. One major goal for this organization is to make it to the top.  Ever since GRID05 spoke with us, and I told them my plans for the team and what I had to offer them, everything clicked. They said they would work much harder and start winning more, and they have lived up to their word thus far going 3-0 with us. As for individual goals, you would have to speak with the players. Another goal we are looking to accomplish in the near future is to acquire some big named sponsors, and show the community what we can do.

– When is the next LAN event we can expect to see your new Counter Strike 1.6 squad at?

For practice on LAN we will be attending smaller LANs in California such as ClickNConnect. Our next CNC tournament will be taking place July 12th. If we qualify for the ESEA Playoffs in Dallas, you will see us there. WCG is also another event we will be looking forward to attending.

– Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

I would like to thank CompLexity and you for taking the time to interview me and get my word out. I would also like to thank the supporters and fans of my organization. Without support, this organization can, and will be nothing. Remember to show us support when you can #Back2Back.

Thank you very much Michael for your time and good luck with the organization.

Next on our list, we have Paul “Adrenaline” Baker to answer a few questions:

– What was your first impression of the newly formed organization Back2Back?

We’re happy to join a new multi-gaming organization that plans to take such good care of their teams (WOW, TF2, CS). We’re excited to work with all of the staff of Back2back and are hoping to have their name explode into the Counter-Strike scene. This sponsor will boost our confidence and shape our old grid05 team into a new confident Counter-Strike powerhouse.

– What is your role on the Counter Strike team of Back2Back?

My main role on the team is to awp. I like being as aggressive as possible and creating picks to open up situations for the team.

– What are you most looking forward to with this new organization and your team?

I am most looking forward to proving to the community that back2back is a top counter strike team in the United States. Our old grid05 team was lacking discipline, and this new sponsor is giving us a huge boost in practicing and professionalism. I am eager to see how this new team will fare in upcoming LAN tournaments.

– Is there anything else you would like to say before the conclusion of this interview?

I want to give a thanks to the guys at back2back for all the support and all the support from the fans for our new team and to the California lan scene.. keep it alive!

Back2Back’s current Counter Strike roster contains the following members:

Paul “Adrenaline” Baker

Tyler “Willson” Willson

Chris “Happa” McDonald

Jon “Heppler” Heppler

Kris “Kris” Romillo