GRT remakes Vortex

BY Andrew Miesner / May 14, 2009

Garett ‘Grt’ Bambrough is back in the Canadian counter-strike scene. After the closure of the CGS in January, Grt joined iDemise and helped them to a 12-4 record in ESEA-I. His roll on the team was the 6th man, where he would only fill in where needed. With WCG quickly approaching, Grt, a Canadian knew it would be hard to join an American squad.

Basically, I wanted to put together a group of guys that aren’t necessarily big names in the scene, guys that have a real thirst to be on top and that genuine passion that’s needed in a successful team” Grt told Gotfrag.

With his new lineup secured, Grt approached Vortex team owner, Bryan Plant to join his organization. Grt said “he is looking foward to working with Mr. Plant.”

Vortex Lineup:

Alex ‘Revolt’ Fiorani
Tyler ‘Medic’ James
Alan ‘hertz’ Treskounov
Seth ‘Scorpion’ Nagelberg
Garett ‘Grt’ Bambrough

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