Grt to

BY Andrew Miesner / August 14, 2009

Just recentely, announced their newest pickup after several poor performences. Blight has decided to bring on Garret “GRT” Bambrough in replace of Mike “techtroN” Cox. With WCG on the horizon, this new lineup will give is solid shot at competing for the spot as Canada’s representing team. GRT had this to say to Gotfrag:

First I want to say that I hate parting with teams and did not want this to happen. However, Vortex and I didn’t work out because we were on different pages in terms of cs, and didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. With roster problems since the get go, we had talked about some lineups and this close to WCG I wasn’t feeling how things were going and decided it would be best to part ways with the team. Blight came around unexpectedly and it was good timing for me since they are going to WCG and are a great bunch of guys. They are newer to the top level of CS for NA and I look forward to helping them grow as I take in a new role for a team as I will not be the in game leader. I wish vortex the best of luck and hope to see them at WCG because we did have some good times along with the bad. Roster

  Scott “bishop” Bishop
  Kory “Semphis” Friesen
  Brennan “eleiNt” Webster
  Garett “GRT” Bambrough
  Jamie “phz5” Cross