GSL Code A Bracket Released Ft. coL.Killer & coL.Heart

BY Andrew Miesner / June 12, 2012

Today GOMtv released the bracket for their GSL Code A Tournament. While Code S has started this week, you’ll have to wait until the week of June 25th to watch Code A. The wait will be worth it though, considering both coL.Heart and coL.Killer will be participating.

Heart and Killer will have their work cut out for them. Heart will be taking on MVP_Lure, a strong Protoss player who has taken down players like Symbol and TAiLS in the past. Good thing Heart has very strong play versus Protoss. Killer, on the other hand, will be playing FXO_Tree, a Terran player. While Tree has had a hard time getting into the GSL, he is not to be underestimated. With some focused training, we at compLexity are positive that Killer can take down Tree.

Unfortunately GOMtv has not yet released which players are playing on which days, meaning we don’t have a firm date as to when Killer and Heart will be taking the field. As soon as we have the information, expect a post with more detailed coverage.