GSL To Keep New Maps

BY Andrew Miesner / February 15, 2011

During the recent Global Starcraft 2 Team League, four new maps were introduced into the map pool to encourage more longer and macro oriented games rather then short “cheese” games that were destroying the GSL entertainment value for some.

The four new maps that were introduced were:


CrossFire SE

Terminus Re

Tal’Darim Altar

These maps were used in full effect during the team league, and were met with applause from the GSL global community for promoting much more entertaining games, and in a recent press release made by Gom TV, it was announced that these four maps will remain in the map pool for the upcoming GSL in March.

New maps will be used in GSL Mar. Crevasses, Crossfire SE, Terminus, and Tal’Darim Altar from GSTL (Global StarCraft® II Team League) Feb. will be used in GSL Mar. in answer to the requests of eSports fans.


The first Code A matches will being on February 21, and the first Code S matches featuring foreign power houses Johnathon “Jinro” Walsh and Greg “IdrA” Fields will begin on February 22.