GSL To Remove 4 Maps?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 9, 2011

According to GSL Code S progamer NSPGenius, GSL has made plans to remove 4 maps from its official rotation. According to several sources, the maps will be replaced by new ones that are currently undergoing testing and will remain in a candidacy stage.

The maps expected to be removed are:

1. Steppes of War
2. Delta Quadrant
3. Blistering Sands
4. TBA

The custom maps that are candidates to replace the 4 above are:

1. Aiur Garden
2. Tal’Darim Altar
3. Biohazard
4. Crossfire
5. Terminus Re

Currently, the change has not yet been announced by GSL admins, however it is expected that an announcement will be made when the new maps have been selected.