GSL Viewers Top 50 Million

BY Andrew Miesner / July 25, 2011

Today GOMtv revealed some numbers on how many “foreign” viewers are tuning into the GSL. While the GSL is very popular, the actual figures are quite surprising.

According to, “During the first half of the 2011 Global Starcraft 2 season, the number of foreign viewers are told to be over 50 million.” The first half of the Global Starcraft 2 season includes 5 regular seasons (3 GSL Seasons, World Championship, and SuperTournament). 40 million of the views came from GOMtv’s foreign website The other 12 million came from China’s NeoTV.

Gom explains the growth saying:


Since the first broadcasting by GomTV Classic in 2009, has experienced the number of viewers doubling each year. Furthermore in China, the two seasons that were broadcasted through NeoTV beginning in May have experienced an explosive increase in popularity amongst the Chinese viewers and critics.

Therefore when summing up the number of viewers of the live broadcast and VODs, the number of foreign GSL viewers through GomTV is said to be 40,922,366 viewers and 12,516,491 viewers through the NeoTV; totaling up to 53,438,857 viewers. This number is calculated only up to the SuperTournament Finals that was held on June 18th of this year. Therefore it is predicted that the number of viewers including the new GSTL season and GSL Regular season for the rest of the year will easily add up to more than 100 million viewers.


GOMtv even released the rankings of countries that watch the GSL.

1.        United States
2.        Canada
3.        Sweden
4.        Australia
5.        England
6.        Germany
7.        Norway
8.        Denmark
9.        France
10.     Netherland
11.     Finland
12.     Singapore
13.     New Zealand
14.     Austria
15.     Brazil
16.     Switzerland
17.     Belgium
18.     Poland
19.     Ireland
20.     Japan

This is fantastic news. GOMtv’s GSL is one of the best produced StarCraft II leagues/shows. It features some of the best commentary from two of the most charismatic people in eSports, as well as the highest level of competition. With numbers like this nobody can deny that eSports is growing. Hopefully this trend will continue and StarCraft II will take over the entertainment world.