GSL World Championship Player Selection ft. qxc, Minigun & goswser

BY Andrew Miesner / September 18, 2012

Today the IGN Pro League announced that it will be hosting, in conjunction with GOMtv, the GSL World Championship live from IPL5 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on November 29th. According to the TeamLiquid post, “The GSL World Championship will have the best players from South Korea duking it out against seven of the best players from the rest of the world. The GSL World Championship will be played across multiple days with both Pro League format and Winners League format aspects.”

So far only two of the seven foreign players have been chosen: Naniwa and Stephano.

This is where it gets interesting. You see, the IPL needs help deciding on the other five players to invite. The IPL is reserving three of the invites for European players and two for the North America / South America / SEA regions combined. In order to figure out who to invite the IPL has set up two polls (one for Europe, one for NA, SA, SEA).

We at compLexity are honored to have three players featured in the poll: qxc, Minigun and goswser. We ask that all of our fans help send them to the 16-player qualifier where the top two NA, SA, SEA players will get a trip to the GSL World Championship so they can represent North America. Please act quickly as the poll will end at midnight Pacific on Sunday, September 23.

Vote for qxc, Minigun and goswser HERE!