GSTL releases 3 new maps

BY Andrew Miesner / January 27, 2011

Three new maps have been released for the GSTL.

Jung-Won Chae, the director of Gretech E-Sports Operations and GSL commentator has made a reference to the map pool during a GSL match.


“We will change map pool for GSTL* next month. Three new custom maps will be added to map pool; Terminus RE, Tal’Darim Altar, Crossfire SE”


There are no mentions of the GSL map pool.

Race Balance Information (Winning Rate on Gisado Star-Challenge)

Terminus RE P 40% T 50% Z 57%
Tal’Darim Altar P 57% T 42% Z 54%
Crossfire SE P 54% T 53% Z 40%