GSTL starts February 7th

BY Andrew Miesner / January 26, 2011

The GSL Team League’s (GSTL) tournament kicks off February 7th to the 10th with a first prize of $10,000, and $5,000 to the runner-up.

Eight teams have been selected to play in the GSTL, the selected teams are based on how many Code A and Code S players each team has competing in the GSL. More details on the selection process,  GOMtv participating team selection method.

The GSTL format is a classic clan war, each team will annouce their players to each other (eight players for GSTL) before the match. The first two players will play each other. The loser gets knocked out, the winner countinues by playing the next player from the opposing team’s lineup. First team to get 4 wins (5 wins in the finals) advances to the next round.

These are the first teams playing in the GSTL.

Ro8 Match 1: ST vs fOu

Ro8 Match 2: Prime vs TSL

Ro8 Match 3: oGs vs IM

Ro8 Match 4: ZeNEX vs SlayerS


GSTL first round will be played February 7 and 8th, semifinals on the 9th and the grand finals on the 10th.


Source: GOMtv