Guddo waves farewell to mTw

BY Andrew Miesner / October 7, 2009

Guddo parts ways with mTw

Martin “guddo” Cording was the prestigious manager of the Danish team, mTw. He had managed mTw/NoA for a total of four long and hard fought years.

In an interview conducted by XplayN, guddo states, “As most people know, I am the best in the world at handling this job – and since they don’t need my help, I doubt that there is someone new coming. And the things the team cannot manage themselves, I will of course still be handling.”

Guddo says that he was dismissed from his position because they no longer needed him. But he will continue to do the small things to help out mTw.

During the course of the interview, Guddo also explains the good memories with the team.”Well it has been a rollercoaster-ride of epic proportions, and bad experiences have been somewhat of a rollercoaster-ride also. Something that can’t be bought for money and experiences I personally will never forget. Particular moments are of course stage shows with an enormous crowd that really gets your adrenaline coursing through your veins.”

When asked what he would miss most about mTw and e-sports guddo responded by saying, “I will definitely miss the trips we made together – as I mentioned above they we

mTw being awarded title of the best team in the world

re really great some of them. Its actually a little strange, not just because I am not going with the team – but also that I probably won´t meet all the people I have been surrounded with at the different tournaments through the years. And the emotion that go through you as you play those important matches I will definitely miss.”

Guddo states he has projects that are being worked on to fill his time. None of which being e-sports related. He has lead mTw to numerous victories and the astonishing success. He is one person in the community many have the upmost respect for, and it will be hard to see him go. Everyone, With time, move on to something bigger and better.

The full interview can be found here