H2k-Gaming Welcomes Lemondogs

BY Andrew Miesner / August 9, 2009

H2k-Gaming has opened up a new world for themselves in Counter-Strike 1.6. The organization has added Lemondogs to represent the H2k name & colors. The team will be able to demonstrate their devotion to the team at the World Cyber Games Qualifications in Sweden next week. Also they will take part in the Inferno Online Finals 4 at Stockholm on August 30th.

Well after Dreamhack we took a little break to take some time off playing cs. At first we didnt really got any offers at all. But after a few weeks we got contacted by H2k-Gaming, which would like to offer us full sponsorship. We thought is was great that finally some things got moving because of our results. But in the middle of it all we got an offer from another company which name I can’t mention here. Which made us a bit confused. But after we had a real discussion to clear everything up. We still thought that H2k-Gaming would be the best option for our team. And I think personally that we are going to have a good time in H2k-Gaming. And now we will also start working with Kevin which I have talked to quite much in the past and he did a great job in MYM and such before. So it will be our pleasure to be part of H2k-Gaming. – Johan “face” Klasson


Today is a day that we make our day at H2k-Gaming. We are very proud on our newest addition and it will be a start of something special. We really looking forward to the upcoming events in Sweden. It’s a pleasure to give this team, together with our partners, a warm welcome in the H2k-Gaming Family! – Rudy van der Reest, COO – H2k-gaming

H2k 1.6 Team
Daniel “pani” Aicardi (manager)
Kevin “skiller” Bonenberg (manager)

Johan “face” Klasson
Björn “THREAT” Pers
Emil “FYRR7E” Karlsson
Frey “kHRYSTAL” Sjöström
Niklas “niko” Johansson