Happy Birthday aMies and Lautemortis!

BY Andrew Miesner / March 13, 2013

The compLexity family would like to wish our Head of Staff Andrew “aMies” Miesner a very Happy Birthday as he turns 24 today!

aMies is one of the oldest members of compLexity. He started out with the team by helping with general website upkeep. As a member of compLexity, aMies proved to be an essential asset and quickly rose to his current position. Always working in the background, aMies may not be the most recognizable member of the compLexity family. However, his hard work is essential to the success of the organization.

Once again, we’d like to wish a very Happy 24th Birthday to Andrew “aMies” Miesner!

On the other hand Tyler “Lautemortis” Nicholls is a relatively new member to the compLexity family, joining in February this year. In that short time Lautemortis has proven to be an essential part of coL.LoL. 

On the team he takes on the role of Jungler and is considered by his teammate to be the most experienced player. As such, he often provides guidance to both his teammates on coL.LoL and the compLexity family.

The compLexity family would like to wish Tyler “Lautemortis” Nicholls a very happy birthday.