Happy Birthday Colton and HelpingHans!

BY Andrew Miesner / September 22, 2018

The compLexity Gaming family would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Colton “coltonw83” Wall and James “HelpingHans” Whiteside!

Colton began playing Clash Royale a month after the game was released while in his senior year of high school in the Dallas, Texas area. He then moved to California where he decided to attend the King’s Cup tournament for fun. He ended up placing 2nd at that tournament and won $10,000. Since then he has been playing, streaming, coaching, and making videos on CR full time and has never looked back. Colton’s accomplishments include 2nd Place Kings Cup, CRNAO Finalist, 1st Place Gamergy Masters, Top-10 CCGS NA, 1st Place CCGS Invitational, Top-16 CCGS World Final, and Team USA Captain.

HelpingHans is a English university student studying in Japan. Outside of academic ambitions, he is one of the most skilled 1v1 players in the entire Company of Heroes 2 community – with all five factions. Ever since the original CoH 1, he is streaming and roaming the lands of the map with his tanks and infantry units as one of the most feared players. Now, with the support of compLexity, he is looking to become bigger and better than ever. The goal is to become the greatest commander in CoH 2, sparking fear in opponents eyes and hearts.

Once again, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Colton “coltonw83” Wall and James “HelpingHans” Whiteside!