Happy Birthday Dog!

BY Andrew Miesner / March 1, 2015

The compLexity Family would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to David “Dog” Caero!

David “Dog” Caero is one of the newest Hearthstone streaming icons, and one of the most consistently high-ranked ladder players in North America and Europe. The dual server talent has reached number one on the ladder multiples times and punched his ticket for the Blizzcon Qualifiers with a Top 16 placement in Season 3. Before settling down in the Inn to play some cards against the best in the world, he was competing as a high-tier player in Heroes of Newerth. After taking a break from gaming to pursue his education, he returned last year, picking up Hearthstone and quickly becoming a becoming a fierce competitor and educational streamer. Thousands of viewers tune in daily to watch Dog explain his play, often with his signature Ramp Druid deck. Though known for the ‘Dog Deck’, he is remarkably versatile, something that has helped him on the ladder and also propelled him to clutch victories in his first big competitive appearances.

Once again, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to David “Dog” Caero!