Happy Birthday Game Boy!

BY Andrew Miesner / April 2, 2009

GameBoyIn April 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy. Now in April 2009 the Game Boy system turns 20 years old. Wow how the time flies.

The Game boy has sold an estimated 120 million units in a 14 year production run. (that’s including sales of the Game Boy Color). The Game Boy gave way to the Game Boy Advance, which gave way to the Nintendo DS. Which isn’t as great because it’s not called the Game Boy DS.

The near indestructible Game Boy beat out the competitors such as Atari’s Lynx to Sega’s Game Gear, before finally being retired in 2003. The game boy brough us tetris and don’t forget pokemon!

We here at compLexityGaming wish the Game Boy a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Source: Kotaku