Happy Birthday JK and TheJordude!

BY Andrew Miesner / October 26, 2016

The compLexity Gaming family would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to both Justin “JK” Rosselle and Jordan “TheJordude” Hong Tai!

Justin ‘jk’ Rosselle is a relative newcomer to the professional Dota scene. The Maryland based player found initial exposure in a year long stint with team Ehug. There he made a name for himself with a highly diverse hero pool, making plays on Lone Druid, Spectre, and Naga. In coL.Dota he will bring the option for non-standard strategies, and opening up new hero choices that will make the team unpredictable and fearsome.

TheJordude is one of the unknown gems of the Hearthstone scene. The Canadian player might not be a known entity to anyone outside of the insider circle in the game, but he has a large upside. With success in smaller events such as the ESL Weeklies or Zotac Cups, the young student has already made quite an impression – while also making an entry to the highest ranks of the North American ladder. With a more focused approach on the ladder, his streaming efforts and content creation, TheJordude is looking to make an even bigger splash in the Hearthstone competitive scene, as well as the Hearthstone community. Keep an eye open for the hard-working and motivated player.

Once again, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Justin “JK” Rosselle and Jordan “TheJordude” Hong Tai!