HeatoN Team Play Series – Retake

BY Andrew Miesner / June 24, 2010

On Sunday, famous Counter-Strike 1.6 legend Emil “HeatoN” Christenssen released his first “Heaton Team Play Series” video. In his first video titled “Retakes” HeatoN talks about the importance of team members positions while taking over a site in Dust2 and Nuke. The video below is a great way for both amateur and professional teams to improve on team work, communication and coordination while in any situation and on any map when playing.

The first example is a match between SK.Gaming and We Made Fox in a 4v2 situation for SK. Second example is MTW vs. MouseSports on Nuke in a 5v4 situation for MouseSports.

In both examples, HeatoN describes in good detail how both teams use communication and coordination to take over the site and win the round.

The video is 4:10 in length. Enjoy!

For more video’s of HeatoN’s Gaming Academy, check out his Youtube Page here.