Help Haiti Auctions

BY Andrew Miesner / January 24, 2010

Over the years The Syndicate has always tried to reach out to those in need.  Through our Katrina and Tsunami fundraisers we were able to send money to support disaster relief.  Through RAK (“Random Acts of Kindness”) we have tried to mobilize the coL Community to engage in acts of charity.

Our latest call for action arises from the devastation which occurred on the small island of Haiti.  Last week a 7.0 earthquake struck the island leaving over 100,000 people dead and millions more without shelter, food or water.  The entire population is in danger of disease and starvation.

As promised, we have created various eBay auctions to help raise money for the cause, using products donated by Creative and XFX.  All proceeds go to Save the Children.


Every generation of graphics card has announced that it is “more realistic” with “more lifelike special effects”. And most of the time, they were right. But none offered in-your-face realism. XFX’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 series of cards offer truly immersive 3D gaming that delivers a pulse-pounding adventure in cinema-quality clarity for bandwidth-hungry games. And, because you can’t game every moment of the day, the GTX 200 series also provides a handy assist with your everyday tasks by shifting your regular processing tasks from the CPU to the GPU. Enjoy Blu-ray movies, 3D Internet browsing, even video transcoding delivered up to seven times faster than a traditional GPU. Over first generation unified architecture-based cards, whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it faster-and enjoying it more-than ever before.

Auction Link:

Complexity Auction for Haiti XFX NVIDIA GTX 260

CompLexity Creative Arena Headset

From the leaders of PC gaming audio comes one of the most eagerly-anticipated partnerships of the year. A must-have audio weapon diehard gamers all over should be equipped with – the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset – compLexity Edition.

This limited edition Arena Surround headset is the successful fruition of Creative’s collaboration with one of the most elite teams in e-sports. Sporting the distinctive compLexity team logo and colors, the new headset will be proudly adorned by compLexity in all their competitive matches.

Auction Links:

Complexity Auction for Haiti Creative Arena Headset #1
Complexity Auction for Haiti Creative Arena Headset #2


Be sure to get your bids in early as the compLexity Creative Arena Headset auctions close on January 26th, while the XFX Nvidia GTX 260 video card auction closes on the 28th!