Help Haiti

BY Andrew Miesner / January 18, 2010

Help Haiti

Over the years The Syndicate has always tried to reach out to those in need.  Through our Katrina and Tsunami fundraisers we were able to send money to support disaster relief.  Through RAK (“Random Acts of Kindness”) we have tried to mobilize the coL Community to engage in acts of charity. 

Our latest call for action arises from the devastation which occurred on the small island of Haiti.  Last week a 7.0 earthquake struck the island leaving over 100,000 people dead and millions more without shelter, food or water.  The entire population is in danger of disease and starvation.

It is during times like these we are reminded how fortunate we are.  The vast majority of the coL Community lives comfortable lives and is able to enjoy the compLexity experience from their own home computers.  Thus, we are issuing a coL Community call to action called “Help Haiti.”  Instead of collecting funds and forwarding them on (like during Katrina and the Tsunami) we are asking that you donate directly to proven charities.  We ask that you donate what you can, even if it’s only a few dollars.  Every penny helps.  Also, post stories of your local Haiti efforts and encourage others to follow your lead.  The thousands of members in our gaming community can make a significant impact in people’s lives.  We urge you to take the time to donate some funds and share your stories of helping Haiti.

Some trustworthy options for your donations:

Red Cross
Red Cross Text: Text “Haiti” to 90999 to charge $10 to your cell phone bill
Clinton Bush Fund
Save the Children (Paypal available)

Later this week, compLexity and our sponsors will be donating several products to the effort.  They will be placed on eBay with all proceeds going directly to Save the Children.  Stay tuned for your chance to bid and thanks for your support and generosity during this special program!

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