Helsinki, Finland

BY Andrew Miesner / July 31, 2013

Today compLexity StarCraft II’s newest player viPro is flying out to Finland to play in the ASUS ROG Summer 2013 tournament. This three day tournament features 32 of the best players from around the world competing for $25,000 in prize money. The 32 players were either invited based on their previous tournament results or qualified via two online qualifier tournaments.

The format will follow two group stages using the GSL style double-elimination groups and then culminate in a single-elimination playoffs. The map pool will consists of:

  • Akilon Wastes
  • Bel’Shir Vestige LE
  • Derelict Watcher TE
  • Neo Planet S LE
  • Newkirk Precinct TE
  • Star Station
  • Whirlwind LE

For a detailed breakdown of the format and prize money distribution, click here.

viPro will start off in a group with two Zergs and one other Protoss. viPro is going to have to bring his A game considering his group includes HyuN, Welmu, and TargA, all fantastic players in their own right. That said, we at compLexity have the utmost confidence in viPro and expect him to show some great games.

Please tune into the broadcast tomorrow at 7:00 AM EST to see viPro take the stage. While you’re at it, feel free to send him words of encouragement via Twitter @coL_viPro.