Heroes of Newerth Now Free to Play

BY Andrew Miesner / July 29, 2011

Heroes of Newerth is going free to play as of today. The action RPG has introduced three tiered accounts in a bid to attract new players into its community and keep the existing 460,000 active players happy.

New players can sign up for a Basic account which can be upgraded to a Verified account once they’ve surpassed a certain play time. Players who have already paid for the game will get a Legacy account that will let them play matches against other verified accounts. Legacy account holders also have the option of purchasing new heroes early before their free release.


With the transition to free-to-play we’re opening Heroes of Newerth up to new audiences as our players can now easily introduce the game to their friends,” says Marc DeForest, co-founder of S2 games. “With the new account types and match-making standards in place, both novice and existing players will benefit from the upgraded structure.”


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