Heroic Eye of the Jailer Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 4, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Eye of the Jailer

This encounter is you against Odin’s Eye, which has been turned against you by the Jailer. The Eye is aided by a handful of Deathseeker Eye adds. This is a three phase encounter. You’ll alternate between Phases 1 and 2, until you’ve completed Phase 2 twice, at which point you’ll enter Phase 3. 

General Info

  • The boss platform is a crescent, and the boss generally hangs near the middle of the crescent. In testing it seemed like he wasn’t supposed to move, but could move along the edge of the platform
  • On each of the 2 furthest edges of the platform, there is a harpoon pile. Clicking this will yeet you over to the opposite side. 
    • These are active the entire encounter, and can be used to quickly hop from one side to the other
    • (I couldn’t get a clear picture of the harpoon pile, so used SKULL instead)

Phase 1 Abilities

  • Piercing Lens
    • Focused smack on the tank. Deals 33k Physical damage. This is the Eye’s primary “melee” damage ability on tanks. 
  • Deathlink
    • The Eye shoots a bolt at the current tank, dealing 41k Physical damage, and dealing splash damage to anyone near the tank as Shadow damage. 2 second cast time
  • Eye Bolt
    • The adds (which aren’t attackable at this point) randomly shoot people for 6k Shadow damage periodically
  • Fracture Soul
    • The boss puts a few swirlies on the ground under random people. These explode after a short time, dealing 10k Shadow damage
    • Anyone hit has their soul Fractured, creating 3 images of themselves called Fractured Souls
      • These images deal 1k Shadow per second, reduce movement speed by 20%, and reduce damage & healing by 30%, stacking per image
      • Images despawn when the affected player runs over them
  • Annihilating Glare
    • The boss shoots a giant freaking Eye Beam in a straight line in front of itself. Deals 62k Shadow per second to anyone hit, and knocks them back
    • The boss will rotate here and do nearly a full 360 with the eye beam

  • Stygian Abductor
    • Big add that starts in the sky
    • It’ll pick a random target and cast Dragging Chains. Target gets a circle around them
      • Attaches chains to the target, and anyone within 6 yards
      • Splits 25k Shadow damage evenly between everyone hit
      • Also pulls everyone hit towards the flying add. The strength of this pull is based on how many people hit – less people hit = stronger pull
      • If too few people are hit, those who did soak get pulled off the ledge and die
    • After Dragging Chains ends, the Abductor lands on the ground and starts casting Assailing Lance at the tank
      • Assailing Lance deals 37k Physical, and puts a 3k/s bleed for 10s, stacks. 
      • Forces tank swaps
  • When the boss reaches 66% and 33%, he puts up a shield, becomes immune to damage, and you enter Phase 2

Phase 2 Abilities

  • Eye of the Jailer
    • Stygian Ejection
      • Boss throws 2 Deathseeker Eye adds at the platform, one near each of the Harpoon piles. You’ll see swirlies on the ground where they’ll land. If you’re in the swirlie when they land, you’ll be smacked for 16k Shadow damage and get yelled at by your raid leader
    • Titanic Death Gaze
      • Big AoE explosion, deals 16k Shadow to the entire raid. 8 second long cast, begins casting 16s after the Deathseeker Eye adds land, then every 34s you remain in Phase 2
    • Desolation Beam
      • Shoots a beam at a random player, dealing 8k Shadow then chaining to additional nearby players. Damage increased for each jump
    • Fracture Soul
      • Works exactly the same as Phase 1
  • Deathseeker Eyes
    • These need to be tanked, can be moved around the platform
    • Piercing Lens
      • Same thing as when the big boss does this, just a basic Physical damage smack that serves as their melee
    • Slothful Corruption
      • Debuffs random players for 21s. Deals 2k Shadow per second, and reduces casting, ranged attack speed, and movement speed by 40%
      • Dispellable
    • Spreading Misery
      • Debuffs a few random targets, dealing 4.5k Shadow damage per second for 5 seconds
      • When this expires, leaves a puddle on the ground
      • Puddle lasts for 10 minutes. Standing in puddle deals 4.5k Shadow every 1.5 seconds
    • Shared Suffering
      • If the two Eyes are within 30 yards, they cast Suffering every 3s
        • Deals massive raid-wide ticking damage. Deals 41k Shadow damage, and each tick applies a raid-wide debuff increasing shadow damage taken by 20% for 1 minute
    • Dying Suffering
      • A dead Eye will cast Suffering every 8 seconds if the other Eye is still alive


Phase 3 Abilities

  • When the final set of Deathseeker Eyes dies, the boss casts Immediate Extermination
    • Increases attack rate by 50%
    • Also pulses on the raid every 10s for the remainder of the fight
      • Each pulse deals 13k Shadow damage to everyone
      • Also applies a debuff reducing healing received by 10%, stacking
  • The Eye of the Jailer also retains everything from Phase 1, including the Stygian Abductor adds spawning
  • Phase 3 is a race, kill the Eye before you can’t heal anymore and just die



Phase 1

  • You’ll start with the tanks in the middle holding the boss. Stand a few steps away from each other so you don’t splash Deathlink
    • Melee should be on the sides, away from the tanks
    • Ranged & healers spread out around the platform
  • Dodge the Fracture Soul swirlies
    • If you fail at this, you get those 3 images spawning. You’ll need to go and run over all 3 as quickly as possible, when the raid points and laughs at you for getting hit
  • Watch your spell timers. When the boss is about 5s away from casting Annihilating Glare, start moving towards one of the Harpoon piles. 
    • Click the pile as the beam gets close, then spread back out around the platform
  • When a Stygian Abductor spawns, you’ll want 5-6 people stacking on the Dragging Chains target
    • If YOU are the target, run towards the back of the platform, so it’s further to be dragged
    • If needed, assign a set stacking point for the target of Dragging Chains to run, and have your soakers meet the target there
  • Outside that, just nuke the boss until you hit a Phase 2 trigger point. Remember, you’ll enter P2 at 66% and 33% HP

Phase 2

  • Tanks need to pick up the Deathseeker Eyes ASAP
    • Keep them about 35-40 yards apart
    • We recommend moving them towards the back of the platform, and the raid loosely spread between the 2

  • Being loosely spread is important, you don’t want a giant clump of people or Desolation Beam could mess your raid up
  • Like in P1, don’t get hit by Fracture Soul swirlies
  • Healers should keep an eye on timers so they know when Titanic Death Gaze is being cast. It’s not lethal damage by itself, but can certainly finish off anyone who’s low
    • Also make sure to dispel Slothful Corruption ASAP
  • Any players targeted by Spreading Misery should move to the edges of the room ASAP. Drop the goop as far out of the way as possible
    • Remember, the goop lasts 10 minutes, so dropping them in the middle of the platform early on could screw you later in the fight
  • Make sure both Eyes die at nearly the same time, ensuring it’s within 8 seconds of each other, so you don’t let any ticks of Suffering go off

Phase 3

  • Pop Bloodlust as soon as the boss reactivates after the 33% HP Phase 2 ends
  • This is just Phase 1, but on steroids. Nuke the boss down before it gets out of hand and you just all start dying

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