Heroic Fatescribe Roh’Kalo Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

Fatescribe Roh’Kalo is a three-stage encounter, but Stage 2 is basically just an intermission. 

Stage 1 Abilities

  • Invoke Destiny
    • Puts a large circle around the current tank, lasts 8 seconds
    • When this explores it explodes, dealing 45k Shadow to all players within the circle
      • Also deals falloff damage to the rest of the raid
    • Shade of Destiny
      • A Shade of Destiny add spawns at the location of the explosion
      • Fixates the tank who had Invoke Destiny
        • This tank takes 75% increased damage as long as the Shade is alive
        • If the Shade reaches the tank, it’ll explode, putting a likely lethal DoT on the raid.
          • Deals 16k Shadow damage every 2s for 10s, applied to the whole raid
    • Fatespawn Anomaly
      • When the Shade of Destiny dies, several Fatespawn Anomaly adds spawn
      • These cast Anomalous Blast, a targeted cast at random players dealing 13k Shadow damage.
        • This can be interrupted
  • Diviner’s Probe
    • Whenever the tanks swap, the boss gains 3 stacks of Diviner’s Probe
    • He’ll use a stack every 2.5s, dealing 22k Shadow damage to the tank each time
  • Twist Fate
    • Puts a DoT on several players, dealing 7.5k Shadow damage every 2s for 6s
  • Fated Conjunction
    • Boss triggers lazer beams from the edges of the room that shoot straight across the encounter area
    • Deals 39k Shadow to anyone hit, and increases damage taken by subsequent Fated Conjunctions by 50% for 1 minute

  • Call of Eternity
    • Puts a 20 yard circle around several players, dealing 7k Shadow damage every 2s for 8s
    • After 8s, the circles explode, dealing 41k Shadow damage to all players except the person who had the debuff
    • Leaves behind an Echo of Eternity
      • This is a small orb on the floor
      • The orbs don’t do much, but look kinda cool
      • However, for the rest of the encounter, whenever a fresh set of Call of Eternity circles explode, all existing Echoes of Eternity also explode, dealing 33k Shadow to anyone standing within 20 yards

Stage 2 – Intermission Abilities

  • At 70% and 40%, the boss casts Realign Fate, activating the Loom of Fate
    • Takes 99% reduced damage during this
    • You have 40 seconds to successfully align the Loom of Fate, or the raid insta-wipes
  • Unstable Accretion
    • For the duration of Stage 2, the entire raid takes 5800 Shadow damage every 3 seconds
  • Fatespawn Monstrosity
    • Little add dudes, need to be tanked
    • Increase their Physical damage dealt by 10% every 8 seconds
    • Cast Despair, dealing 18k Shadow per 2s for 6s to anyone within 40 yards, and reducing their movement speed by 33% for the duration of the DoT
      • Interruptible
  • Fate Fragment
    • Little orbs that float around the room. Deals 29k Shadow damage if you hit one, and reduces your movement speed by 33% for 7 seconds
  • Loom of Fate
    • The boss activates the 6 rings around the platform
    • Each ring will have a large blue circle on it, this is your target spot
    • Each ring will also have a blue Rune activate
    • The left picture below is the target spot, the right picture below is the rune
    • The goal is to get each rune into its target spot
    • Several players will get empowered, and have the ability to influence how a ring is spinning
      • Having an ODD number of empowered players in a ring will make it rotate Clockwise
      • Having an EVEN number of empowered players will make a ring rotate Counterclockwise
    • You’ll need to rotate each ring until the rune reaches the target spot
      • You need to stand ON TOP OF the rune for your ring to spin
    • The moment a rune hits the target spot, both despawn
    • You have 40 seconds to successfully clear all 6 rings. Failure to do so results in an instant wipe. Successfully clearing the rings will end Stage 2, and push you back into either Stage 1 or Stage 3
    • Example of completing a Rune:

Stage 3 Abilities

  • You enter Stage 3 after completing the second Stage 2 intermission, with the boss at 40% HP
  • The boss retains all his Stage 1 abilities
  • In addition to this, he now periodically casts Extemporaneous Fate, re-activating the Loom of Fates
    • Only 2 rings activate for this instead of all 6
    • However, you only have 30 seconds to clear all the runes, or the raid insta-wipes
    • Same number of players get empowered as in Stage 2
    • They still spin the same as before, ODD = Clockwise, EVEN = Counterclockwise


Stage 1

  • You should tank the boss near the middle of the room
  • Tanks need to swap when Invoke Destiny goes out
    • The tank with the debuff needs to run away from the group, wait for the explosion to go off somewhere safe, then run away from the Shade of Destiny. Remember, you’ll almost certainly cause a raid wipe if the add reaches you. The raid leader will be pissed, the healers will be pissed, that one DPS who was already dead from failing a mechanic will be pissed. Just not good overall
    • All ranged DPS should immediately swap to the Shade of Destiny add
    • When the Shade dies, finish up the Fatespawn Anomaly adds. Interrupt as many casts of Anomalous Blast as possible
      • Mass Grip and Sigil of Chains are amazing here to group up the Fatespawn dudes, then let the raid AoE them down quickly
  • Diviner’s Probe isn’t really something with much counterplay, healers just have to make sure the tank doesn’t die
    • Same with Twist of Fate, don’t let people with the debuff die
  • When Fated Conjunction is cast, find where the lazers are coming from. Remember the picture above, they shoot straight through the whole platform, so you’ll need to move to the sides of where they’ll be
    • For the love of Azeroth, do not get hit
  • Players targeted with Call of Eternity need to move towards the edges of the room to drop the orbs away from the raid
    • Remember, any existing orbs will also explode with a 20 yard radius, so don’t accidentally get yourself nuked while trying to drop down a new orb
    • This is the kinda thing that gets you memed for the rest of the tier
  • When the boss reaches 70%, and 40%, you’ll enter the Stage 2 intermission.

Stage 2 – Intermission

  • Since the fight randomly assigns who gets empowered, you can’t really pre-assign certain people
  • Instead, you’ll need to coordinate between the people who do get picked
    • We recommend putting a raid marker in each ring, so the raid leader can make effective calls
  • A ring will not move at all if there’s no Empowered players standing in it
    • You’ll want to rotate each ring based on whichever spin direction is less distance between the Rune and the target location
      • Raid leader should call each color marker ring, and which direction
      • Probably want a Weakaura that shows all empowered people, so the raid leader can call out specific people for each ring as well
    • Having multiple Empowered players on a single ring does not change the spin speed, only the direction based on Odd v Even
    • This is the kind of mechanic that will probably just take a few tries to get used to, but once you figure it out, it’s fairly simple
  • While the Empowered players deal with the rings, everyone else will be working to kill off the Fatespawn Monstrosities as quickly as possible
    • Tanks should try to gather and group them up, so the raid can just AoE them down
    • Make sure to interrupt as many casts as possible
  • Do not get hit by the Fate Fragment orbs. They’re super obvious, and really easy to dodge. Just remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball – dodge, duck, dip,dive, & dodge
  • Clear all 6 rings, and the boss will re-engage. After the 70% HP Stage 2, you’ll reenter Stage 1 and rinse & repeat what you did before
    • After the 40% HP Stage 2, you move into Stage 3

Stage 3

  • Lust immediately upon entering Stage 3
  • You’ll need to handle all of the Stage 1 abilities like you did before
  • When Roh’Kalo activates rings on the Loom of Fates, you’ll need to be more careful
    • Deal with the rings like you did in Stage 2, having the Raid Leader call which empowered players should go where
    • Remember, it’s 1 person if it needs to spin clockwise, 2 if it needs counterclockwise
  • That’s pretty much all there is to say.
    • Keep running Call of Eternity to the edges, tanks swap for Invoke Destiny and handle that like Stage 1, kill adds when they come out, etc.
  • Finish off this pretty cool concept of a fight, and let’s move on to the penultimate boss

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