Heroic Guardian of the First Ones Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Guardian of the First Ones

This is a single-phase encounter against the Guardian. He has an energy bar, and when it reaches 0 he’ll chaincast a nasty AoE effect. You can charge his energy back up with the three Pillars, called Energy Cores, around the room. This fight gives off heavy Sludgefist vibes, and could be a heck of a DPS race.

3 Pillars around the boss, “Energy Cores”

  • Boss links to Core when close to it, granting boss 5 energy per second to the core
  • Unstable Energy
    • Cast by a Core the entirety of time the Guardian is linked to it
    • Deals 29k Arcane damage per sec to all players
  • Radiant Energy
    • Standing in small circle around active Core reduces player damage taken from Unstable Energy by 85%
  • Meltdown
    • When a core reaches 0 energy, it explodes & deals 58k Arcane damage to players within 15 yards, and 18k Arcane damage to players further than 15 yards. That Core is now no longer available to use the rest of the encounter

  • You have a hard limit of using the 3 Cores each one time. After that, if the boss reaches 0 energy and you haven’t killed him yet, it’s bad news bears.


  • Disintegration
    • Shoots a line from the boss at a random player
    • Deals 29k Arcane damage to anyone hit. Also applies a debuff, stunning you and dealing 4k Arcane damage per second for 6 seconds DoT
  • Threat Neutralization
    • Targets several players, puts an 8 yard circle around them for 4s
    • Deals 20k Arcane damage to anyone inside circle when it explodes
  • Form Sentry
    • Boss creates several little floating orb thingies
    • These put a circle on the ground beneath it called Suppression Field
      • Deals 2k Arcane damage every 2 seconds to anyone inside it
      • Also incapacitates you while inside it
    • Move around platform randomly, seem to be pulled towards random player
    • Also deals 5k Arcane damage every ½ second to a few random players

  • Elimination Pattern
    • Tank combo, 2 different abilities
    • Sunder
      • Slams the tank and the ground around them
      • Deals 66k Physical damage to the tank, and anyone within 6 yards
      • Also increases damage taken by subsequent Sunders by 200%for 20s
    • Obliterate
      • Massive Physical + Arcane smash
      • Deals 62k Physical damage to the tank
      • Also simultaneously deals 124k Arcane damage, split evenly between everyone within 6 yards of the tank
      • Also causes everyone hit by the Arcane damage to take 500% increased damage from Obliterate for 12 seconds
    • Always happens in the same order – Sunder > Obliterate > Obliterate > Sunder
  • Purging Protocol
    • Begins chain-casting when energy hits 0
    • Deals 18k to the raid every 5s, increasing subsequent ticks by 100%
    • Stops casting once he gets linked with an Energy Core
      • Linking the boss to an Energy Core WILL interrupt a cast of Purging Protocol, mid cast


  • Lust on pull
  • Start with boss at the front of the room
    • Keep him here until he hits 0 energy
    • After 2nd pulse, bring him to an Energy Core & regen his energy back to 100%

  • From here, you’ll keep repeating this positioning. Move the boss towards the middle while his energy ticks down, let 2 ticks of Purging Protocol go off, then move him to a new Energy Core
  • You’ll likely need to use a raid CD for the second tick of Purging Protocol
  • Remember, while the boss is linked to an Energy Core, the raid needs to be stacked within the safe zone around the Core. The tighter the stack, the better
  • Players affected by Threat Neutralization need to move away from the group
    • If you have Threat Neutralization occur while the boss is linked to a Core, the affected players need to stand as close to the edge of the safe zone as possible
      • It’s better to sacrifice yourself and die if necessary, than have the explosion hit the raid
      • The rest of the raid should be stacked as tightly as possible in whatever clear spot is available inside the safe zone, where you aren’t standing in the Threat Neutralization circles

  • Dodge the Disintegration lines. These are super obvious, and your raid will just laugh at you. The extra one cast of Fireball isn’t worth it bruh, you’re still gonna lose to an Arcane Mage
  • Tanks each need to take half the Elimination Pattern Combo.
    • The first tank will take the initial Sunder and the first Obliterate.
    • Then swap, second tank gets second Obliterate and the final Sunder
    • Important for tank #2 to NOT be within 6 yards for either of the first 2 abilities, or you’ll end up getting hit, getting the debuff, then dying when it is your actual turn to tank
  • Raid needs to help soak Obliterate
    • You’ll want about half the raid soaking the first Obliterate, and the other half soaking the second Obliterate
    • Use a healing CD if necessary to keep everyone stable
  • The Sentry Orbs were more of a nuisance during testing than actually dangerous. Just don’t stand in the circles under them
  • There isn’t a whole lot else to say, this fight is pretty straightforward. You’re in a DPS race against the boss’s energy bar.
    • You’ll want to maximize every last second to fight this dude. This is why we recommend letting 2 Purging Protocols go off each time, to give you a hair more DPS time

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