Heroic Il’gynoth Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

Il’gynoth is a two phase encounter. Phase one you fight Il’gynoth’s body, phase 2 you destroy organs. You will need to cycle through 3 times total to defeat his 3 organs and complete the encounter.

Phase 1

  • Eye of N’zoth
    • Beam shoots out from Il’gynoth’s chest, dealing 446k Shadow directly in front of him, and increases damage taken by subsequent Eye of N’zoth by 75%
    • Debuff lasts 43 seconds
    • Cast at 0:06 into each Phase 1, then every 18 seconds

  • Touch of the Corruptor
    • MC’s random players, and causes them to run around
    • If an MC’d player gets too close to another player, they will also become MC’d
    • Broken when the MC’d player reaches 30% HP
  • Corruptor’s Gaze
    • Standard Eye Beam type ability, cast at several random players
    • Starts as a swirlie, then turns into a beam
    • Beam chases the selected players for 5 seconds
    • The Beam leaves pools anywhere it went over, called Morass of Corruption
      • Standing in the pools deals 89k Shadow damage every second, and pacifies and silences you
  • Blood of Ny’alotha
    • During your second and third Phase 1, blood goop adds will spawn
    • These fixate on random targets and chase them
    • Each time you’re melee’d by one of these blood adds, you’ll gain a stack of Recurring Nightmare
      • Deals 18k Shadow damage every 2s for 40s
      • Stacks
      • Dispellable
    • When a blood add dies, it explodes and deals 86k Shadow to the entire raid
    • Spawn every 30s in your 2nd and 3rd Phase 1s
    • These are slowable, rootable, etc
  • When Il’gynoth’s HP reaches 0, you enter Phase 2

Phase 2

  • Cursed Blood
    • Infects 8 random players with a debuff, dealing 18k Shadow every 2s for 8s
    • When it ends, players explode for 143k Shadow to everyone within 11 yards

  • Organ of Corruption
    • 3 Organs spawn around the room
    • Killing any Organ ends Phase 2, and moves you back to Phase 1
    • That Organ stays dead the rest of the fight
  • Blood of Ny’alotha
    • Created by living Organs in this phase, as a cast
    • Cast is interruptible
    • If one spawns, it has all the same abilities as listed above


  • Phase 1
    • Tanks need to swap every 2 stacks of Eye of N’zoth
      • Nobody else should be standing near the tanks, and the tanks should be slightly spread so they don’t both get hit by the same Eye of N’zoth beam
      • You may find it helpful to have markers on your tanks, or a world marker down at the location tanks will be, to help people avoid being hit
    • Everyone else should be spread throughout the room
    • When Touch of the Corruptor goes out, hard swap to the MC’d people and break them ASAP
      • You do not want them reaching other players and spreading this, do everything you can to prevent it
    • If targeted by Corruptor’s Gaze, move away from the beam. Try to drop your puddles in a neat little circle near where you are. This’ll help reduce the area covered by puddles, and help prevent the puddles from blocking parts of the room. Here’s an example of a good goop drop:
    • In your 2nd and 3rd Phase 1s, the Blood adds become priority, behind only the MC’s.
      • These come from the location of the Organ/Organs you’ve killed up until that point
      • Slow them, root them, stun them, whatever
      • If you’re targeted, make sure you’re running away and don’t let the Blood reach you
      • If you do get melee’d by the Blood, call for a healer to dispel you
    • Once Il’gynoth’s HP reaches 0, you enter Phase 2
  • Phase 2
    • This phase lasts until you kill off an Organ. You may only kill off 1 per phase, so you’ll repeat this phase 3 times to defeat the encounter
      • Once you kill an Organ, Il’gynoth respawns with full HP and you enter a Phase 1 again
    • Have a set order to kill the Organs each time, so the raid moves together to the proper Organ
    • Organs cast Pumping Blood frequently to spawn Blood adds. Interrupt as many casts as possible
      • The first cast of Pumping Blood happens as soon as the adds become targetable
      • Subsequent casts occur every roughly 7 seconds
      • Assign ranged DPS to each Organ not being focused down to interrupt
      • Just get as many interrupts as you can. The more Bloods that spawn, the more dangerous this phase is
    • Players affected by Cursed Blood need to move away from the raid to prevent exploding on people
    • Priority for DPS in this phase is Slowing/CCing adds, then nuking Organs. You want to kill off your targeted Organ as fast as possible
    • When you re-enter Phase 1, clean up any Blood adds
  • After cycling through killing the 3 Organs, you’ll go into a 4th and final Phase 1
    • There’ll be a large amount of Blood adds, so we recommend using Bloodlust and raid healing CDs here


Before you pull, put markers along the 3 passageways where the organs spawn:

During Phase 1, you should have the raid loosely spread around the room, except where the tanks are assigned to stand:

During Phase 2, just move towards whatever Organ you’re assigned to be killing.

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