Heroic Maut Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

Maut is an encounter which alternates between two phases. During Phase 1, he gathers mana, during Phase 2 he begins a cast using all his mana. This cast ends when his mana reaches 0, and you re-enter Phase 1.

  • Dark offering = 2% Maut mana
  • Adds lose 2% mana per 2 seconds within the circles, so 100 seconds in circle = ded
  • Adds spawn every 35-40 seconds
  • Maut naturally gains about .66% mana per second, or 1.5 seconds per 1% mana.
  • Maut gains 1% mana per person hit by devour magic
  • Boss has exactly 2x HP vs mana
  • Adds have 10% boss’s mana
  • Killing add is 5% of boss HP

Phase 1

  • Shadow Claws
    • Deals 268k Physical damage to the current tank, and applies the Shadow Wound Debuff
      • Deals 36k Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 24 seconds. Stacks.
  • Devour Magic
    • Marks 4 players with a purple targeting circle
    • After 6s, the circle explodes dealing 53k Shadow damage to everyone hit
    • Each person hit also generates 1% mana for Maut
    • Leaves a Devoured Abyss wherever the explosions happened
      • 9 yard radius purple circle of bad
      • Standing inside silences you, prevents incoming healing, deals 42k Shadow damage every 2 seconds, and drains your mana
      • While inside, you’re also immune to all other forms of magic damage
      • These explode when P2 starts, dealing 268k damage to anyone standing in them

  • Stygian Annihilation
    • AoE, deals 1.7 million Shadow damage to the entire raid
  • Consuming Shadows
    • Periodically puts a 3 second DoT on the raid that deals Shadow damage every 3s. This DoT deals more damage as Maut’s mana increases
  • Black Wings
    • Frontal cone ability, deals 142k Physical damage and knocks back anyone hit
    • Targeted at a random melee
  • Dark Manifestation
    • Large purple swirly pool of bad spawns, lasts 6 seconds. After 6s, it explodes dealing 267k Shadow damage to anyone inside
      • Has a relatively weak sucking effect, dragging players towards the bad circle
    • After the explosion, a Dark Manifestation add spawns where the explosion occurred.
      • Adds take damage to their mana instead of HP. At 0 mana they die.
      • Periodically cast Dark Offering. If the cast completes, the add loses 20% mana and the boss gains 2% of his max mana.
      • If the add gets within 20 yards of Maut, he’ll eat it, consuming all the adds mana and adding it to his own. The max amount of mana an add can give Maut is 10% of Maut’s mana pool.

Phase 2

  • When Maut reaches 100% mana, he casts Obsidian Skin, followed by Obsidian Shatter. He also destroys all of the Devoured Abyss circles on the ground, dealing 268k Shadow Damageto anyone inside them.
    • Obsidian Skin
      • All damage dealt to Maut is instead dealt to his mana pool
      • You take 100% of the damage you deal to Maut as Arcane damage
      • Making Maut reach 0 mana immediately ends Phase 2 and stops his cast of Obsidian Shatter
    • Obsidian Shatter
      • 60 second cast. Upon completion, deals 1 million Shadow damage to the raid. You wipe. Don’t let this happen.
    • Consumed Magic
      • Every 6 seconds during Phase 2, Maut consumed 10% of his mana pool, and gains 1% increased magic damage dealt. Stacks.
    • Forbidden Ritual
      • Mana orbs spawn one at a time from the altars at the edge of the room.
        • When an orb spawns, it drains Maut of 10% mana
        •  If they reach Maut, they restore 20% of his mana
      • These can be soaked by players. Soaking deals AoE damage to the raid. The further the orb has traveled, the more damage it deals. Soaking an orb gives you the Forbidden Mana debuff
        • After 6 seconds, you explode with mana. All players within a 20 yard range of the explosion gain 150% increased mana regen and 50% increased healing done for 8 seconds

    • Drain Essence
      • Purple swirly on 2 players, deals 35k Shadow damage and burns 4k mana per second for 8 second. While the debuff persists, Maut gains 1% mana per second
      • DIspellable
      • When dispelled, deals 71k Shadow damage and burns 10k mana from players within 8 yards


During testing, two strategies worked well to defeat this boss on Heroic. Option 1 makes Phase 2 longer in exchange for longer Phase 1s. This increased the strain on healers in Phase 2, and also allows the boss to accumulate more stacks of Consumed Magic, increasing the overall damage of the fight. Option 2 is basically a zerg strat, and required a higher DPS output. Both will be explained below. We’ll first talk about the fight as a whole, then break out the differences, as it all boils down to how you handle the adds.

  • Phase 1
    • Lust on pull
    • Tanks should start the boss either where he is, or just off to the left. Raid should stand behind the boss, loosely spread
      • Tanks swap every 2 stacks, preferably when there’s only 1 add alive
      • Tanks should slowly move the boss around the room to make sure the raid doesn’t run out of room from puddles
    • The rest of the raid should be loosely spread behind the boss, leaving space to the right-hand side (closest to the outer edge)
      • Players affected by Devour Magic will move to this open area on the right side to drop their puddles
      • When Stygian Annihilation goes out, everyone needs to step into a purple puddle, as it makes you immune to the damage
    • Melee need to move to the side of the boss right before Black Wings occurs to bait it
      • You want this going harmlessly to one side or the other, not through the raid
      • As soon as Maut starts casting, melee need to quickly move and get back with the rest of the raid
    • Consuming Shadows just needs to be healed through, no big deal
  • Phase 2 – Boss hits 100% Mana
    • Boss runs to the middle of the room, and simultaneously makes all the purple circles explode and begins casting Obsidian Shatter
    • Whole raid should stack together in melee range of the boss to help the healers be more efficient
    • Tanks should focus on soaking the Mana Orbs. After soaking, yeet yourself back on top of the raid stack point to apply the mana buff to your healers
    • Players affected by Drain Essence need to move 8 yards away to be dispelled, then move back after being dispelled
    • You’ll want to use 2 healing cooldowns each time you’re in this phase. Spread them out however works best for your raid, but this is a high intensity healing phase so CDs will be necessary to keep the raid stable
    • Once the boss’s mana hits 0, you go back to Phase 1. If you don’t do this before his cast ends, you lose gg
  • Add strategy Option 1 – slow and steady
    • Have the tank not currently on the boss pick up the add when it spawns, and drag it near a purple circle
      • When it begins casting Dark Offering, drag it into the purple circle. After the cast ends, bring it back out. This prevents the cast from actually finishing, and stops the mana from going into the boss
      • DoT up the adds, but don’t prioritize damage
    • Tanks swap whenever a new add spawns. When taunting the boss, bring your add with you and let him suck it. Do this for add #1 and add #2. Don’t let add #3 get sucked.
    • By doing this, you’ll have Phase 1 last around 2 minutes,give or take, assuming you did well with Devour Magic.
    • Once you enter P2, just kill the last add from cleave damage, focus DPS on boss
  • Add strategy Option 2 – Zerg
    • Have the tank not currently on the boss pick up the add when it spawns. Immediately drag it under the boss he can eat it.
    • All DPS just keep nuking the boss
    • Repeat for Add 2
    • Repeat for Add 3, although he’ll spawn when the boss is close to 100% mana, so make sure you get it eaten
    • Idea here is to maximize effective DPS on the boss with minimal downtime. By doing this, your Phase 1s will last between 1:35 and 1:45, so quite a bit less time than doing it slow and steady. It’s simpler overall, but not by much, and adds a little more risk of not killing the boss during the 2nd Phase 1
  • During PTR testing, the Zerg strategy seemed easier than the “Slow and Steady” strategy. However, we recommend using the “Slow and Steady” strategy, as it’s more forgiving and still pretty simple. It’s also much more likely the way Blizzard envisioned the fight, and more like what you’ll be doing for Mythic.


Basic positioning during Phase 1. You’ll need to move the boss slowly as the Devour Magic puddles block too much space.

Phase 2 positioning. If you have Drain Essence, move away from the raid, somewhere like to X.

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