Heroic Remnants of Ner’zhul Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 4, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Remnants of Ner’zhul

Single-phase encounter. You nuke down Ner’zhul, breaking apart his armor. As you break off his armor, the raid damage steadily increases. He’ll also summon orbs to try and kill you that you’ll be able to yeet off the platform. Pretty cool tbh. 

Ner’zhul Abilities

  • Shatter
    • At 80%, 60%, and 30% HP, a piece of armor breaks off Ner’zhul, dealing 16k Shadow to the entire raid
      • Deals unavoidable damage to the raid, and also puts down a boatload of swirlies. Dodge swirlies.
      • This damage ramps each time Shatter happens
  • Malevolence
    • Puts a 21 second debuff on 2 random players. Dispellable
    • When the debuff is removed, either from expiring or dispelling, the player explodes & the entire raid gets knocked back away from the affected player. Also deals mild raid damage
    • Also leaves a puddle on the ground, deals 12k Shadow per second if you’re standing in it
  • Grasp of Malice
    • Puts several lines on the floor, radiating from the center of the platform
    • Super obvious looking cones of bad
    • They explode after a few seconds, dealing 20k Shadow to anyone hit, and knocking them back

  • Aura of Spite
    • Boss passively deals 3306 Shadow damage to the entire raid every 3s
    • Intensity of this increases with each piece of armor broken off. 
      • 3857 Shadow per tick after 1 piece broken
      • 4408 after 2 pieces broken
    • Spite
      • Periodically puts swirlies on the ground that explode after a few seconds
      • Getting hit deals 16k Shadow damage and incapacitates you for 3 seconds
  • Orb of Torment
    • Orb add that spawns periodically. 
    • They spawn with Eternal Torment, reducing damage taken by 99%
    • Cast Torment regularly, dealing 4k Shadow to several random players every 3s for 15s
      • This continues happening even if the Orb is killed
    • Sorrowful Procession
      • Once the Orb is “killed,” it can be picked up by a player, granting you an extra action button
      • Doing this deals 3k Shadow damage every 3s, and reduces your movement speed by 30%
      • The extra action button throws the Orb
    • You want to pick up the Orb, walk it to the edge, then yeet it off

  • Suffering
    • At 100 energy, boss shoots a shadow lazer at the current tank, goes through the tank to the edge of the platform
    • Anyone hit takes 25k Shadow, and increases their damage taken by Suffering by 500% for 30s
    • Any Orbs of Torment hit by this lose Eternal Torment, making them take full damage



  • You’ll want to keep the boss near the middle of the room, with the raid loosely spread, but generally staying towards the center of the room. 
  • Players with Malevolence should move all the way to an edge of the platform
    • Your raid leader should call out when a dispel should happen, so everyone knows when the knockback is coming
    • Make sure nobody is too close to an edge, or you’re going byebye
    • For the person with the debuff, the knockback will knock you backwards based on where you’re currently facing
      • Make sure your back is facing the center of the room
    • You’ll want to set up raid markers on opposite ends of the room. The first affected player runs to one marker, and the raid shifts towards that side of the room
    • Dispel debuff, everyone gets knocked towards opposite marker
    • Player #2 with debuff gets dispelled, everyone gets knocked back again in the opposite direction
  • Dodge the super obvious cones of bad from Grasp of Malice. If you get hit and get knocked off, your RL or GM is probably gonna put it on Twitter or Youtube to meme you
  • When the boss reaches 80%, 60%, or 30%, healers should be aware of the Shatter damage
    • This ramps each time it happens, so plan on using healer CDs for the 2nd and 3rd Shatter. Probably want 2-3 for that third Shatter
  • Make sure to dodge the swirlies on the ground from Spite. Big chunk of damage + incapacitate = gonna have a bad time
    • Aura of Spite isn’t really something to be directly concerned about. It’s just constant ticking damage so the healers don’t get bored
    • Later on in the fight, after all 3 pieces of armor have broken off, the ticking damage can get a bit intense. Rotate healing CDs as necessary
  • Orb of Torment + Suffering
    • When a new Orb of Torment spawns, everyone should move away from it, except the active tank
      • Active tank should make sure they are standing directly between the Orb and Ner’zhul
      • Ensure the Suffering lazer hits the Orb
    • As soon as the Orb gets hit with Suffering, all DPS should hard-swap and kill it ASAP
    • Once it “dies,” have an assigned player pick it up, run it to the edge, and lob the thing off the platform
    • Continue repeating this for each Orb of Torment
    • A single missed Suffering lazer can set you back significantly on healing, as the extra random damage they put out, especially later in the fight, can get overwhelming
    • Oh, and make sure nobody but the tank and the Orb get hit by the Suffering lazer
      • Tanks should swap after each Suffering
  • As far as Bloodlust goes, pop at 30% HP on the boss

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