Heroic Shad’har Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

Shad’har is a very not good boy doggo fight with 3 phases. He has several abilities which remain the same through each phase, and two abilities that morph based on the current phase

Shad’har All-Phase Abilities

  • Crush & Dissolve
    • Each ability has a 3 second cast, and Shad’har casts 3 total abilities per combo
      • Random order
    • Crush
      • Deals 625k Physical to the tank, increases Physical damage taken by 50%, and increases damage taken from DIssolve by 400%. Lasts 20 seconds. Stacks
    • Dissolve
      • Deals 35k Nature damage, plus applies a DoT dealing 53k Nature damage per second for 15s. Stacks
  • Debilitating Spit
    • Applies a stacked debuff to a random target. Starts at 4 stacks. Deals 21.4k Nature damage per second for 5 seconds, per stack. After 5s, jumps to 2 targets, each gets 2 stacks, still lasts 5s on them. After it expires from the 2 targets, jumps for 4 targets for 1 stack each, lasts 5s on the 4 targets. Then disappears. So,, first target takes 82k/s for 5s. Second 2 targets take 43k/s for 5s. Last 4 targets take 21k/s for 5s.
  • Living Miasma
    • Spawns 2 little slime adds that fixate on random players
    • When they reach their targets, they explode for 268k Shadow damage to the raid, reduced by distance

Phase 1 – 100%-66%

  • Umbral Mantle
    • Every 20s, Shad’har explodes. Deals 53k Shadow damage every 2.5s to the raid. Lasts 5s
    • Separately, every few seconds swirlies appear around the room
      • After a few seconds, the swirlies get hit by Umbral Eruption. Deals 178k Shadow damage to anyone that gets hit in a swirlie
      • Happens more frequently as the phase progresses
  • Umbral Breath
    • Frontal cone breath, deals 214k Shadow + fears anyone hit for 10s
    • Occurs more frequently as the phase progresses
    • Dodgeable

Phase 2 – 66%-33%

  • Everything Umbral morphs into Entropic
  • Entropic Mantle
    • Deals 10k Shadow damage to the raid as the phase begins
    • Then deals 3,500 Shadow to the raid every 2s for 25s. Stacks.
  • Entropic Buildup
    • Several void orbs spawn around the room. After 15s, they explode and deal 45k Shadow to the raid, each
    • These can be soaked to reduce the size of their explosion
    • Soaking deals 7k Shadow per 2 seconds
    • The longer you’re in this phase, the more void orbs spawn
  • Entropic Breath
    • Frontal cone, deals 143k Shadow to anyone hit, and reduces their healing taken by 50% for 6s
    • Cast more frequently the lower Shad’har’s HP gets
    • Dodgeable

Phase 3 – 33%-GGS

  • Everything Entropic morphs to Noxious
  • Noxious Mantle
    • Deals 53k Nature to everyone every 3s the rest of the fight
  • Bubbling Overflow
    • Creates pool on the ground which grows bigger over time
    • Standing in the pools deals 10% of your max HP per second
      • Damage doubles every second you stay in the puddle
      • See the start of Bubbling Overflow in the screenshot below:

Here’s what the room looks later in the phase, almost completely covered in green goop:

  • Bubbling Breath
    • Frontal cone, deals 214k nature to anyone hit
    • Also applies a DoT, deals 35k Nature every second for 10s
    • Occurs more frequently as Shad’har’s HP is reduced
    • Dodgeable
  • Frenzy
    • At 30%, boss enrages and deals 25% increased damage from all abilities


  • Tank the boss near the middle of the room
    • That’ll make it easier to dodge the various frontal cone abilities
  • See section below for Tanking info
  • If you’re targeted by the initial application of Debilitating Spit with 4 stacks, use a defensive CD/healthstone/health pot
  • If targeted by Living Miasma, just move away from the raid to reduce the AoE damage
  • Always dodge the frontal cone breath abilities. Umbral Breath, Entropic Breath, Bubbling Breath are all dodgeable. Don’t let yourself get hit
  • In Phase 1, dodge the purple swirlies on the ground
  • In Phase 2, all ranged DPS should help soak the Entropic Buildup void orbs. More soaking is not a bad thing
    • As the phase progresses, more and more soaking will be required. Please help soak so your raid doesn’t explode
  • Phase 3 is a hard burn phase. Healers will want to save their raid CDs for sub 30%, and rotate them from there
    • Bloodlust when the boss dips below 30%
    • Healers may want to time using CDs for Living Miasma explosions. With the reduced space in P3 as the fight goes on, it’ll be harder to properly drag the slime away before it explodes, so expect the damage actually taken per explosion to go up
  • When you enter Phase 3, the Bubbling Overflow puddle will spawn at the center of the room and slowly grow larger. Eventually it CAN grow large enough to cover the entire room. This is a soft enrage. Do not stand in the puddle
    • As the puddle grows, tanks will need to inch the boss closer to the edges of the room. Try to have the boss close to the edge of the puddle
    • The puddle makes dodging Bubbling Breath much more difficult over time. Ranged/healers should move closer to the boss, making dodging the Breath require less movement
    • You’ll also periodically have green swirlies spawning throwing more Bubbling Overflow. These are targeted at random player locations. Try to bait these either in the existing puddle, or towards the opposite direction of where the raid is planning on moving to as the puddles grow
      • Don’t trap yourself and kill the raid
  • Nuke hard, use all CDs, don’t get hit by breath, and hope you beat the soft enrage of running out of room
    • If you get the first application of Debilitating Split in Phase 3, pop any/all defensives you have to keep yourself alive. That DoT plus the standard P3 DoT will cause 466k total damage over a 5 second time period, assuming 2 ticks of the basic P3 DoT.
      • If you don’t have any personals left, call for a healer external.

Tank Info

  • Crush and Dissolve are cast in a random order sequence, with 3 abilities total per combo
  • Each tank should be assigned one ability they’re responsible for taking. Tank 1 is assigned to all Crushes, Tank 2 is assigned to all Dissolves
    • Taunt swap as needed to make sure you stick to this assignment
    • NEVER take a Dissolve if you have the Crush debuff
    • If the boss uses Crush twice during the combo, Tank 1 needs to make sure they use a personal CD to survive


Normal positioning for P1 and P2:

If you get Living Miasma, move away from the raid:

In Phase 3, you’ll need to move the boss towards the edge as the green goop grows: