Heroic Skitra Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

Skitra is an encounter that alternates between a primary phase and intermission phase based on boss HP. Phase 1 is where the encounter primarily happens. Phase 2 occurs at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% HP on Skitra. Phase 2 ends as soon as you defeat the add.

Primary Phase

  • Shadow Shock
    • Cast every 2 seconds, deals 71k Shadow damage to the active tank plus 2 random players
    • Also applies a debuff causing affected players to take 15% increased Shadow damage for 5 seconds
    • Stacks
  • Shred Psyche
    • Occurs 0:12 into each Phase 1, then every 34 seconds
    • Debuff on a random player that lasts 5 seconds
    • An add spawns at the location the player was at when the debuff falls off
    • Add has a 5 second cast when it spawns, deals 430k Shadow damage to everyone
      • Damage falls off based on distance. You only need to be 8-10 yards away from the add to be fine
    • After the initial AoE, the add will pulse for 14k Shadow damage every 1.5 seconds until it dies

  • Images of Absolution
    • Occurs 30 seconds into each Phase 1, then 1:25 later (if still in a Phase 1)
    • Same mechanic as Coven of Shivarra had in Antorus
    • Line of adds spawns at the side of the room, and slowly walk across the entire encounter area.
    • Deals 142k Shadow damage per second if they touch you
    • Immune to all damage for 30 seconds
    • CAN be CC’d, must be CC’d.

Intermission Phase – 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%

  • Skitra assigns half of the raid the Clouded Mind debuff, other half with Twisted Mind
  • Each half of the raid can see 4 Illusions of Prophet Skitra in random locations across the room
    • Only one is the real boss. The boss will be the only illusion which is located in the same place for both halves of the raid
    • Need to coordinate this on Discord
  • Mindquake
    • If an incorrect Illusion of Skitra is killed, the raid takes 375k Shadow damage. Don’t do this.
  • Dark Ritual
    • Stacking debuff on the whole raid. Increases Shadow damage taken by 2%
    • New stack every 5 seconds while in Phase 2
      • This does NOT reset after an intermission ends, but instead carries through all fight
  • Illusionary Bolt
    • Every raider takes 35k Shadow damage every 2 seconds while in Phase 2 (Increased by the stacking debuff)


  • As a note, testing for this boss on heroic was super wonky with the AoE damages. They’ve made drastic changes in tuning for the Shred Psyche add, as it was overtuned on PTR. As such, the primary healing difficulty for the fight has been moved (according to the Dungeon Journal at least) and this strategy reflects this.
    • Also, the boss’s health pool was simply stupid on PTR. 19 man scaling was 274 million HP, not including transitions and adds. For reference, Wrathion had 151M with 21 people. Hopefully this has been scaled down quite a bit.
  • Primary Phase
    • Place your 8 raid markers around the room before you pull the boss, 4 on each side
      • You’ll use these to coordinate Phase 2
    • Tank the boss near the middle of the room, facing away from the raid
      • Tanks swap at 7-8 stacks of Shadow Shock
    • Rest of raid should be stacked directly behind the boss in melee range
    • We recommend lusting either on pull, or when the first add spawns 30s into the fight.
    • Players affected by Shred Psyche need to move to the side of the boss, 8 yards away from the cluster of everyone else
      • Don’t move too far past 8 yards
      • When add spawns, wait for its 5s cast to finish
      • Once it finishes, tank should move the boss onto the add
      • Nuke the add
    • When Images of Absolution spawn, have an assigned player CC one specific Image. Banish is the best, but Freezing Trap, Blind, Entangling Roots, etc, anything works
      • Raid stands in that spot from the CC’d add
      • After 30 seconds, the Images are no longer immune to damage and need to be tickled for 1 HP to die
  • Intermission
    • Coordinate over Discord (or whatever other voice chat you use) to determine which Illusion is the real Skitra. Have one assigned person from one debuff group call out the colors their 4 adds are at
      • Have one person from the opposite debuff group say YES or NO to whether that group has an add in the same place.
      • Example: Raid Leader in Clouded Mind says: “SKULL”
      • Person in Twisted Mind replies YES or NO
      • Keep going until you get a yes
      • Then kill that add
      • OR use the Weakaura posted above
        • If you elect to use the Weakaura, have one person from each debuff put a DoT effect on all 4 Illusions you see. The Weakaura will put a green circle on the correct Skitra
        • It’s possible Blizzard can implement a hotfix to this to prevent it from working. As of the most recent testing, it worked just fine on PTR. Recommend trying it first.
    • Raid should stack near the correct Illusion as you kill it to help the healers increase efficiency, as this is a heavy damage phase
      • You’ll want to use healing CDs here
    • Kill the correct Illusion as fast as possible, and you go back to Phase 1
    • Rinse and repeat, GGs



Put up raid markers before you pull the boss, like below.

Tank the boss near the middle of the room

The person affected by Shred Psyche needs to move to the side of the group, somewhere around X below:

AFTER the add finishes its initial cast, the tank pulls the boss on top of it and everyone follows:

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