Heroic Sludgefist Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / December 4, 2020

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consulting team: Tagzz, Xyronic, and Ftbubbler


Big ol’ ugly fella. 4 big pillars around the room, you’ll need these. This is a single phase fight, but the boss has an energy bar. At 100 energy, he casts a unique ability you need to deal with.

  • Giant Fists
    • Sludgefist’s melee attacks also hit the next closest player to the active tank
    • Tanks need to stay stacked
    • If no other players are within 5 yards of the tank, the tank is just hit with both parts (meaning double damage)
  • Chain Link
    • Puts chains around most of the raid. After 6s, links players together in pairs
    • Lasts 56 seconds, deals 300 Physical every 2s to the affected players
    • Moving 12 yards apart breaks chains
      • Breaking chain deals 187k damage to both players & stuns for 6s
  • Destructive stomp
    • Massive aoe circle around boss. 20 yard range
    • Deals 93k Physical to anyone hit, also destroys any pillars within the circle
  • Falling Rubble
    • Swirlie on the ground. Getting hit deals 15k Physical and stuns for 2s
    • Also leaves a puddle of falling rock behind, deals 900 Physical every 0.5s and reduces movement speed by 25%. Don’t stand in the bad
    • This seemed to be targeted at random players during testing
  • Colossal Roar
    • Big roar by the boss, deals 14k Sonic damage & slight knockback
  • Chain slam
    • Roots random player for 4 sec, red circle around them
    • After 4s, pulls everyone within circle to boss, deals 50k Physical split between everyone hit
  • Gruesome Rage
    • At 30% HP, Sludgefist enrages dealing 20% increased damage and 20% increased attack speed
  • Hateful Gaze
    • At 100 energy, Sludgefist picks a random player and charges at them after 6s
    • Deals 187k to anyone hit
    • If he hits a wall or pillar, he deals 15k Physical to the whole raid and stuns the boss
      • Boss then takes 100% increased damage for 12s
      • If he hits a pillar, it’ll collapse and cause the raid to take 300 Physical per second to all players for the rest of the encounter. This effect stacks
      • If he hits a wall, deals 12k Physical every second to all players for the remainder of the encounter



  • Tanks will need to be stacked on top of each other, and keep the boss 20 yards away from any pillar.
    • If you tank too close to a pillar, Destructive Stomp will blow one up and you’ll likely end up wiping later in the fight
    • If tanks aren’t stacked, melee are gonna be face-down on the floor relatively quickly
  • The ranged should be mostly stacked, and try to be near the walls to bait Falling Rubble
  • Make damn sure you get out of the giant circle around him for Destructive Stomp
  • Colossal Roar just needs to be healed through. It’s really only dangerous to the Chain Linked players
  • Throughout the fight, the most important abilities to manage properly are Chain Link and Chain Slam. Improper management of either will cause wipes pretty quickly
    • Chain Link – the linked players need to stay within 12 yards of each other, no matter what. When Colossal Roar happens, make sure you’re stacked on top of each other so you don’t get knocked out of range
      • You can see who your partner is by the big red arrow over their head before the link finishes, and by the red orb over there head after the link is complete.
    • Chaim Slam – you’ll want 3-4 players helping soak this. In testing, it WAS possible for a Chain Link target to get Chain Slam. If this happens, the connected person obviously has to be one of the soakers.
      • Since this is immediately followed by Destructive Stomp, make sure you get out ASAP
      • You pre-assign 3-4 soakers for this, so the same people can handle it each time
  • When the boss hits 100 energy, he casts Hateful Gaze
    • The targeted player needs to get behind a pillar, so the boss runs into said pillar.
    • If you miss, you wipe. If you get hit by the charge, you die.
    • You only have 4 pillars to work with, so that’s the true enrage. If you get a 5th Gaze and he hits the wall, you will almost certainly wipe. You’ll be able to hang on for a few seconds, but not long
  • For positioning, please see the graphics below. You’ll start near the northeastern-most area of the room (where the boss starts the encounter), and slowly move around the room after each Hateful Gaze
    • The goal with this movement is to both maximize your space by moving away from Falling Rubble, as well as minimize required movement to each successive pillar
  • Lust one of the times the boss is stunned. A great time is the 3rd pillar, and this occurred at about 3:10 into the fight in testing. That means 3 minute CDs were back up, potentially maximizing raid damage.
  • Make sure he dies before a 5th Gaze and you’re good ^.^



Start at the very front of the room, and work your way around, repositioning where the most recent pillar was destroyed.

Start of fight:

After first Hateful Gaze:

After 2nd Hateful Gaze:

After 3rd Hateful Gaze: