Heroic Soulrender Dormazain Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Soulrender Dormazain 

This is a single-phase encounter. You’ll be fighting Soulrender Dormazain while he’s torturing Garrosh Hellscream. It’s a fairly neat encounter with a basic dance mechanic.

Encounter Abilities

  • Soulrender
    • Torment
      • Soulrender tortures Garrosh an extra bit, unleashing Anima that coats the room
      • You’ll notice there’s 4 distinct “zones” of the room, separated by the chains on the ground
      • When Torment is cast, 3 of the 4 zones will slowly fill with Anima, then explode, dealing 45k Shadow damage to anyone hit
        • Also applies a DoT, dealing 10k Shadow per 2 seconds for 6 seconds
        • Stacks
      • Happens at 0:12, then every 45s
    • Tormented Eruptions
      • At 100 energy, Soulrender casts Torment for 30 straight. In testing, this ended up causing the Torment effect 5 times over the 30 seconds, making it basically a dance – you’re running from safe spot to safe spot

  • Warmonger Shackles
    • Soulrender creates 3 Shackles on the ground, which connect to Garrosh with chains
      • Causes Garrosh to start casting Hellscream, 35 second cast bar
        • If the cast completes, he starts dealing ticking damage, dealing 31k Physical per second until interrupted
    • Clicking on a Shackle makes you pick it up and able to move with it
      • Moving 40 yards away from Garrosh breaks the chain, dealing 25k Shadow damage to the raid
    • To interrupt the Hellscream cast, either before or after it completes, you need to break the chains from all 3 Shackles
    • When a player breaks a Shackle chain, they then get a permanent debuff that deals 2k Shadow every 3s, and prevents you from picking up another chain

  • Brand of Torment
    • Puts a circle around a couple random players
      • Doesn’t really matter, but cool to note, this animation is the exact same as the Sargeras’ Rage ability from P3 Mythic Argus.
    • The circle doesn’t deal damage to the affected players
    • Instead, it deals 13k Shadow to anyone inside the circle, INCLUDING adds for the fight
    • Additionally, any adds standing in the circle take 50% increased damage
  • Ruinblade
    • Big tank slap, deals 64k Physical damage & increases Physical damage taken by 100% for 40s. Stacks
  • Garrosh
    • Torturing Garrosh creates a couple more mechanics
    • Rendered Soul
      • Throws several swirlies on the ground. Being hit by the swirlie when it explodes deals 33k Shadow damage
      • This seems to be always cast 1-2 times during Torment & Tormented Eruptions
    • If any adds successfully reach Garrosh, they become Defiant, making them immune to CC effects & increasing damage dealt by 200%
    • The River of Souls, the area around Garrosh, is bad news bears if you stand in it. Deals 8k damage every 0.2s, and reducing healing taken by 100%
      • Probs don’t stand in that stuff
  • Echoing Screams
    • Deals 4500 Shadow to the raid every 5 seconds
      • This didn’t appear on testing in any difficulty. Unsure if this is just encounter-long passive, or specific to certain times
  • Adds
    • Mawsworn Agonizer
      • Smaller adds, spawn in sets of 3-4
        • Immediately start walking slowly towards Garrosh
        • If they reach him, they get Defiance and deal 200% extra damage
      • Also cast Agonizing Nova, dealing 11k Shadow damage and reduces movement speed of the entire raid by 20% for 6 seconds
        • Interruptible
      • These guys can be slowed, gripped, knocked back, etc until they reach Garrosh


  • Lust on pull
  • Tank the boss near the middle of the room
    • Tanks need to swap after every Ruinblade cast
  • Put a raid marker in each of the 4 zones of the room
    • When Torment is cast, your raid leader should call out which marker is the safe zone
    • When the boss reaches 100 energy and uses Tormented Eruptions, make sure you’re staying with the group and following the raid leader from safe zone to safe zone
      • It’d be a major shame if you ran the wrong direction during Tormented Eruptions and blew yourself up. I mean, everyone would laugh and get enjoyment out of it, but it’d be bad for your parse
    • During the Tormented Eruptions, you may want to use raid-wide speed buffs like Stampeding Roar or Wind Rush Totem
  • For Warmonger Shackles, assign 3 groups of 3 people to run the Shackles out. You’ll likely only have this occur 2-3 times total through the fight, so assigning 3 groups should suffice
    • Put a raid marker near Garrosh, but not so close that you’re in the River of Spirits
    • Everyone should stack on this marker when the Shackles go out
    • Drop 1-2 DR cooldowns on the raid, like Power Word Barrier or Anti Magic Zone
    • Try to pop all 3 Shackles as quickly as possible
  • Mawsworn Agonizer & Brand of Torment
    • When Brand of Torment goes out, affected players should just make sure they aren’t standing on other raiders
    • When the Mawsworn Agonizers spawn, you’ll want to use knockbacks and grips if possible to get them all stacked together
      • Then, have any players with Brand of Torment go stand on the adds
      • Everyone else should be nuking as hard as possible
      • With multiple stacks of 50% increased damage taken, the Agonizers will get annihilated
  • Absolutely do NOT let the Agonizers reach Garrosh
    • If you don’t have many knockbacks or grips in your raid, utilize slows, and have the Brand of Torment players basically run from add to add, so you always have something to attack with the 50% increased damage debuff
    • Also make sure to interrupt every cast of Agonizing Nova. Letting any go off is a bad time.
  • Make sure you watch for the swirlies from Garrosh, they’re a bad time
    • They tend to overlap with Torment, so things can get dicey. Watch your feet, pay attention, and don’t die to stupid things.
  • Das pretty much it. Nuke the hell outta the guy, kill adds, dodge stuff, have a nice dance party, and collect some loot

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