Heroic Tarragrue Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 4, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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2 phase fight. P1 is 100-10%, with a hard burn phase for the last 10%.

Before the Encounter

  • Your raid clears one Torghast floor to reach Tarragrue, picking up Anima powers.
  • Everyone gets to pick 4 Anima Powers you get to keep for the boss.
  • They’re all generic, and you should mostly just pick the best throughput ones for yourself.
  • Have 2-3 people in the raid take the “Ever-Beating Heart” Anima power, you’ll need it.

Phase 1 Abilities

  • Overpower
    • Tank smash that deals 83k Physical + applies a 4s stun
    • Also increases physical damage taken by 200% for 20s
  • Chains of Eternity
    • Targets a player for 8s
    • Throws chain at them
      • Deals damage to the first person hit, 20k
      • Pulls that person to the boss, 30s stun. Deals 413k damage to you if you reach the boss
  • Remnant of Forgotten Torments
    • Actually 3 similar abilities, with similar effects
    • Upper Reaches’ Might
      • Soak circle on the ground. Increases boss’s Physical damage by 50%
      • Can be soaked by players to reduce the potency
      • Each tick soaked by a player increases their physical damage taken by 10% for 1.5 minutes
    • Mort’regar’s Echoes
      • Increases boss’s Magic damage by 50%
      • Can be soaked by players to reduce the potency
      • Each tick soaked by a player increases their magic damage taken by 10% for 1.5 minutes
    • Soulforge Heat
      • Deals 10k Fire damage to the entire raid every 3s
      • Can be soaked by players to reduce the potency
      • Each tick soaked gives that player a DoT, 2k/5s for 1.5 minutes
  • Predator’s Howl
    • Creates circle around several players, 5 yard radius
    • Pulses every 3s for 21s
    • Anyone hit by your pulse gets feared for 8 seconds
    • Magic effect, dispellable
  • Grasp of Death
    • Targeted DoT against random player, heavy DoT for 40s
  • Hungering Mist
    • Forms several images of itself around the room
    • Images then cause a black mist
      • Mist explodes after a few seconds, dealing lethal damage
    • There are small safe zones, raid needs to stack in the safe zone or people die
      • Safe zones are random around the room
  • Fury of the Ages
    • Boss enrages himself, increases damage & haste by 25% for 35s
    • Can be dispelled by Tranquilizing Shot, Soothe, etc.

Phase 2 Abilities

  • Jailer’s Gaze
    • At 10% HP, boss casts Jailer’s Gaze
    • Increases Tarragrue’s damage dealt by 500% until it dies
    • Also removes all Anima powers on the raid.
  • The boss ceases all other abilities. You kill him before the turbo-buffed boss kills you.

Phase 1 Strategy

  • Tanks should swap after every Overpower
  • Raid should move together during Hungering Mist, and stack together in safe spots
  • Chains of Eternity is tricky.
    • Whoever is targeted needs to run away from the boss
    • Remember at the beginning, when we mentioned having 2-3 people get the “Ever-Beating Heart” Anima power? This is why – it makes you immune to stun effects
    • Have a pre-assigned person with this “Ever-Beating Heart” stand in the way of the chain, and ensure this person is the one hit
    • Since Ever-Beating Heart players are immune to stun, they’ll only take the damage competent, then can run away from the boss. Since you never get pulled in, you don’t insta-die!
  • Players debuffed with Predator’s Howl need to move away from the rest of the raid
    • Dispel these people if possible
  • Healers will need to ensure they’re giving proper attention to people with Grasp of Death

Phase 2 Strategy

  • At 10% HP, you lose all your Anima power and the boss absolutely TRUCKS you.
  • Immediately pop Bloodlust here
  • Your tanks will almost certainly not be able to survive the increased damage
  • Instead, you’ll need to kite him around the room. Tanks should just run, using any movement abilities they have to get away from the boss
  • Eventually, he’ll reach you, and you will die
  • As he eventually reaches and kills people, the next highest person with threat needs to continue kiting
  • You’re basically in a race – kill the boss before he’s killed off your raid

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