Heroic Xanesh Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2020

This is a single-phase encounter with several standard fight mechanics. Oh, and soccer. Yes I said soccer, I’m American. You need to play soccer to defeat this boss. You’ll also see the Sea Witch you killed last raid being tortured in the middle of the room, so that’s kind of cool after 200-300 wipes to her. We’ll break out the soccer mechanic by itself, as there’s a lot of pieces to it.

Xanesh Abilities

  • Abyssal Strike
    • Big smack on the tank, deals 285k Shadow damage. Also applies a 1 minute debuff causing you to take 25% increased damage from subsequent Abyssal Stikes, stacks
  • Soul Flay
    • Creates a red glowing Soul copy of several players, denoted with a red targeting circle underneath. After 10s, the Souls explode and deal 578k Shadow damage to the affected players. You can only see YOUR Soul, and only take damage from YOUR Soul. Move outside the targeting circle to avoid insta-death
  • Ritual Obelisk
    • Xanesh creates several Obelisks at random locations around the room. Standing in the swirlie around an Obelisk deals 71k SHadow damage every 1.5s and slows you by 50%
    • 6-8 Obelisks spawn each time this ability occurs, with the previous ones despawning

Azshara Being Tortured

  • Torment
    • AoE ability, deals 286k Shadow damage if you stand in it
    • Covers most of the room, radiating out from Azshara, with multiple safe zone cones
    • Cast 3 times in a row, can get dicey trying to dodge all 3. Speed buffs are helpful
  • Anguish
    • The raid takes a static 21k Shadow damage every 2s for the entire fight. That’s it, that’s the mechanic. Blizzard thought healers would get bored.


  • Void Ritual
    • Begins at 0:52, 2:12, 3:32, 4:52, 6:13, give or take about 2 seconds
    • Xanesh creates 3 orange soak circles simultaneously in a triangle around herself. Each must be soaked by 1 person
      • If all 3 circles do not get soaked, the whole raid takes 1 million damage. RIP
    • After soaking, you get a 40s debuff called Voidwoken
      • You deal 99% less damage, get to play soccer
      • After you finish soccer, you gain a debuff called Void-Touched, take 13k Shadow damage every 1s and cannot participate in soccer again for 3 minutes (Duration from PTR, not listed in Journal)

Here’s a screenshot showing Obelisks and the soak circles for Void Ritual

  • Void Orb
    • After Void Ritual completes, two void portals spawn on opposite ends of the room. One will have a very visible extra glowing effect
    • The glowing portal is where the Void Orb (soccer ball) spawns
    • Anyone without Voidwoken who hits the orb takes 143k Shadow damage and are knocked back
    • If the ball hits an Obelisk, Azshara, or an outer wall of the platform, it explodes and triggers Dark Collapse
      • 214k Shadow damage to the whole raid
      • Buffs boss with Dark Ascension, increases damage taken by subsequent Dark Collapses by 500% for the rest of the fight
      • Also causes Xanesh to attack 50% faster for 30 seconds


  • Lust on pull
  • Tanks taunt every 1-2 stacks of Abyssal Strike
  • Move away from your Soul Flay when affected by it. Try to get 8 yards outside the red targeting circle
    • You may want to use raid CDs for these. On PTR, roughly 40% of the raid was targeted each time, so this is a large burst of damage on a large chunk of the raid
  • Don’t stand under Obelisks
  • Watch your feet during Torment. The 3 casts happen relatively quickly in succession and can be tight to dodge, so use movement abilities as needed
  • Voidwoken Players Job
    • The only players who can interact with the Void Orb without being knocked back are the 3 Voidwoken players
    • When you come in contact with the Orb while Voidwoken, it bounces off you in the direction YOUR CHARACTER is facing
    • Your job is to kick the ball into the opposite portal, without letting it hit an Obelisk, Azshara, or a wall
    • While come in contact with the ball, you gain 1 stack of Imminent Doom, lasts 6 seconds
      • If you reach 5 stacks, you die, so don’t do that
    • So basically, ball spawns on one end of the room, the other portal (goal) spawns on the other side
      • Your job is to play soccer with your 2 best friends, avoid the defenders (Obelisks, Azshara), keep the ball in bounds (don’t touch wall), and score a goal (portal)
      • When the ball hits the portal, it disappears harmlessly and you win. Now start nuking the boss again
    • Dark Ascension basically allows for 1 mistake in soccer during the fight, but a 2nd one causes a wipe
  • Most of this fight just comes down to soccer. It’ll take multiple pulls for people to get used to it, and some people will be better at it than others
    • Let everyone try during your first few pulls. Once you’ve identified your stronger soccer players, assign them to do this
    • We recommend putting area markers in the corners of the room, and having your soccer players communicate where they’re kicking the ball using the markers. This’ll help reduce confusion and keep your team on the same page
    • On PTR, it seemed like the portals, while always on exact opposite sides of the room, spawned in corners in a random order
    • We found it easiest to try and only ever kick the ball at right angles, parallel to the edges of the room, and staying near the edges of the room. This reduced the chances of hitting an Obelisk or a non-Voidwoken player, and all but eliminated any change of hitting Azshara

  • Score goals, don’t stand in bad things, nuke boss, ggs


You’ll want to tank the boss near where the circle around Azshara is. See the below screenshot.