HuK To TeamLiquid

BY Andrew Miesner / September 25, 2010

Team Liquid has recently announced that Chris “HuK” Loranger, considered by many to be StarCraft 2’s best player, will be joining the organization. Fresh off his victory at the first ever MLG SC2 Tournament in Raleigh, North Carolina, HuK has been overwhelmingly  predicted to win the IEM American Finals, making him a very hot commodity for any organization looking to advance in the SC2 field.

HuK will also be moving in to the Liquid-oG house in Incheon, Korea along with Jonathan “Jinro” Walsh and Dario “TLO” Wunsch.

Liquid had the following to say about the aquisition:


We’re really happy to announce that HuK will be joining us as we strengthen our Liquid lineup Korea, and look forward to fielding him in the upcoming GSLs,” said Victor “Nazgul” Goossens, Manager of Liquid. “We’ve grown quickly since the retail release of Starcraft 2, and with HuK looking to go to Korea, we saw it as a great opportunity to recruit the strongest foreign Protoss in the world.


Liquid also did an interview with HuK. An excerpt can be found below:


MLG Raleigh – you took 1st place there, and in doing so grabbed the first major American title for SC2. When you started playing back during the beta, did you ever imagine you’d be at the top of a podium just a few months later?

Um yeah, kind of – I don’t want to sound too cocky but I told everyone before I even started playing the beta that I was going to be really good. Then once I started playing I knew I had the 100% commitment that you need to be the best. So I guess in a way I knew it was coming but it’s still cool how it’s happening so fast.

That’s interesting. How did you know you’d perform so well?

Well I had always been really good at games in general. I was good at Broodwar, among other RTS games, and that was during high school when generally I had 10901230120 different things going on as well. So when during the SC2 Beta I had nothing going on in my life, I could really focus on it and do well.

You’re the fourth Canadian to join Liquid, and the first to join the team’s SC2 lineup. Apart from producing a TSL Champion, your country also boasts of SC2 up and comers like KiWiKaKi and Suggy. Gonna give you moment now so you can give us a GO CANADA.

LOL. GO CANADA. But I’m American too. I grew up in the USA. 1 – 16 in USA, 16 – 21 Canada.


The full release can be found by clicking here.