HuskyStarCraft Interviewed at PAX East

BY Andrew Miesner / March 16, 2011

Without a doubt one of the most famous figures in the StarCraft II scene is Mike “Husky” Lamond. Known for his Youtube channel HuskyStarCraft where he provides commentary over high level competitive play, Husky has made a big splash in the scene by earning over 420,000 subscribers.

Just over this past weekend Husky was at the gaming convention PAX East where he met with fans, commentated over showmatches, and pitched in on the State of the Game Live panel where he discussed the growth of StarCraft II and eSports. At PAX, Husky was interviewed by G4tv, giving his take on “his love of the game, the growth of eSports and its community, as well as how he got started and what he’s looking forward to next.”



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