id Software acquired by ZeniMax

BY Andrew Miesner / June 24, 2009

It was announced today that id Software will be purchased by ZeniMax. ZeniMax is best known for its releases of Oblivion and Fallout.

Most of us know id Software because of their top games, Doom and Quake. Both games are still widely played and Quake has been a top competitive game for some time. Recently id Software released its newest game, Quake Live, which is still in open beta testing.

With id Software being acquired, the developers only look for this to further any future development. Carmack told gamesindustry today:

“This puts id Software in a wonderful position going forward,” said John Carmack, founder and technical director of id. “We will now be able to grow and extend all of our franchises under one roof, leveraging our capabilities across multiple teams while enabling forward looking research to be done in the service of all of them.

“We will be bigger and stronger, as we recruit the best talent to help us build the landmark games of the future. As trite as it may be for me to say that I am extremely pleased and excited about this deal, I am.”

It looks like nothing will be changed and everything will continue as normal, just with a new parent company. They will continue working on Quake and their new game, Rage.