iDemise Picks Up GRT

BY Andrew Miesner / January 26, 2009

With iDemise grabbing the former Mug N Mouse Counter-Strike team just a little over 2 weeks ago, they also mentioned a surprise and shocking 6th addition to complete the roster. With speculation surrounding the organization and a very convincing interview by the unnamed player – it would seem nearly impossible to guess who they would end up choosing.

Recently it was announced by the iDemise management that Garett “GRT” Bambrough would be added as the 6th man to an already incredible lineup of talent.  GRT recently had an interview with Gotfrag where he mentioned he would be taking some time off from gaming but also mentioned that he wanted to stay in the game in some aspect. GRT will be competing in CEVO-p as well as the upcoming season of ESEA-i. Grt said “I have too much time dedicated to hockey and my school that I can’t play for a team full time”.

I had a chance to talk with iDemise’s leader Ric “iNERTiA” Bundy. He had this to say about GRT coming onboard:

Grt is a really great guy and we’re all friends. He is currently unable to fully dedicate his time to cs, so the time he does, he will spend it practicing with us when we only have 4/5 on due to work schedules. He brings alot of experience to the team also and will help us grow as a team even more. We currently dont plan on him replacing anyone, but you could possibly see him fragging in some matches when we dont have our 5.

The current roster for iDemise is as follows:

Ric “iNERTiA” Bundy
Josh “punkville” Dacus
Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol
Andy “icy” Keefe
Alex “hazard” Martins
Shawn “des1re” Kahn
Garett “GRT” Bambrough