Idra: CrunCher is a “walk over”

BY Andrew Miesner / March 25, 2011

Weekend number two of TSL3 features some big matchups, including our very own coL.CrunCher taking on the famous zerg Greg “EG.Idra” Fields. 

The series doesn’t come without its share of controversy as the two players seem to have built some type of rivalry early in the life of StarCraft 2.  Previously, EG.Idra appeared on JP McDaniel’s show “JP and Friends” and had some pretty rough things to say about our coL star.  Now, he has fired more shots in his recent Team Liquid interview.


Q: Your first round opponent is a relatively unknown player – Cruncher. What are your thoughts about him?

I’m approaching the match as if it were a walkover.

Q: Are you confident you can beat him? Do you expect him to do any risky strategies against you?

Yes, he’s going to 4 gate all-in both games unless he decides to be clever and make voidrays or DTs.

Greg “EG.Idra” Fields – Zerg


CrunCher was also interviewed about his thoughts of the huge upcoming series. 


Q: Your first round opponent is EG.Idra. How do you feel about him? Are you confident you can beat him?

I am confident against him.

Q: Will you have any special strategies planned for Idra? How are you preparing for him? How are you approaching this match?

I will indeed. I’ve been practicing a lot and feel I am prepared.

Q: Many fans view you as an underdog in this series. Do you like being the underdog? What is your mindset?

I enjoy being viewed as the underdog. My mindset is the same as preparing for any other tournament, focus and play well the day of the match.

Abdulaziz ‘CrunCher’ Abed – Protoss


TSL3 is this weekend and coL.CrunCher plays on Sunday.  Be sure not to miss this one! YOUR source for professional gaming news and entertainment!