IdrA Speaks on GSL Group H

BY Andrew Miesner / January 9, 2011

This Tuesday, team Evil Geniuses’ Greg “IdrA” Fields will play his Round of 32 matches in the group stage of the GSL 2011 Sponsorship League. He will be competing against Ensnare, Check and fellow foreigner Jinro. Earlier today, ESFI World posted an interview with IdrA about his preparation and participation in the 2011 GSL. He talks about what he thinks his chances of advancing through his group are and describes the play-styles of his three opponents in the group.


The one map format is pretty big – there’s a huge difference between playing someone on Steppes of War versus playing them on Scrap Station, and with one map, that plays an even bigger role than in a normal match. Jinro generally plays for macro games, but he’s capable of aggressive or at least harass-based openings. Ensnare isn’t much of a macro player…only way me versus him is likely to go long is if we play on Jungle Basin. Check prefers low econ games as well but Zerg vs. Zerg is really unpredictable and any two openings can cancel each other out so anything could happen in that match. I like my chances overall, but the maps will play a huge role. I have Jinro on Jungle Basin, then I could end up with Ensnare on Lost Temple and Check on Jungle Basin, a map with a lot of build order variance in ZvZ, and in that situation it’ll be really tough to advance.


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