IGN Announces The IPL 3 Origins Live Event

BY Andrew Miesner / August 16, 2011

If you guys are anything like me, you spend all day sitting on websites like Reddit and TeamLiquid reading up on the latest StarCraft II rumors. Recently one of the most popular rumors was the IGN will be hosting a live LAN event. Today those rumors were confirmed.

IGN’s next step for its IPL is a live tournament held in Atlantic City, New Jersey dubbed the IPL 3 Origins. The event will feature a 256 Man Double Elimination Qualifiers at the venue, where the top 16 will get to enter the Championship Bracket. Leading up to the event, which takes place on October 6th – 9th, there will be 4 Global Online Qualifiers. The top 8 from these qualifiers will get placed in the Championship Bracket for the live event. In addition to the 16 players from the Live Qualifiers and the 8 from the Online Qualifiers, the IPL will be inviting 8 players to automatically be entered into the Championship Bracket, making it an even 32 player tournament. These 32 players will be duking it out for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

Unfortunately these are all the details that are currently available. As soon as more information comes in, you can be sure I’ll update this post.