IGN Announces the IPL Team Arena

BY Andrew Miesner / July 22, 2011

Today IGN announced that in addition to it’s Pro League, it will be hosting a new StarCraft II Team League showmatch series. Dubbed the IPL Team Arena, the new series will feature “the world’s top teams (yes, even Korean teams!)” in a King of the Hill style format. The IPL Team Arena is tentatively scheduled to start on August 2nd, but nothing is set in stone.

Basically, each team will select five players to represent them. The first player will be “chosen in secret so that no counter-picking can occur. The winner of each match will stay on until they are defeated or the opposing team has run out of players.”

To make things even more interesting, we are including a $100 bounty for each victory that a team earns, for new challengers to try and claim. For example, if Team 2 wins 3 weeks in a row, they will have earned themselves $1,500 total, and have $300 worth of bounty on them. If Team 7 defeats them, they will earn the $500 for winning the week, as well as claim the $300 bounty.


The map pool includes:

  • Xel’Naga Caverns
  • Metalopolis
  • Shakuras Plateau
  • Crevasse
  • Tal Darim Altar
  • iCCup Testbug
  • Xel’Naga Fortress
  • Terminus
  • Shattered Temple
  • Bel’Shir Beach

Commentary will be provided by the IGN in-house crew (HDStarCraft, CatsPajamas, PainUser, and AskJoshy!)

The inaugural match will feature Evil Geniuses vs. Reign. EG’s roster includes: IdrA, iNcontroL, LzGaMeR, Machine, StrifeCro, Axslav and DeMusliM. Reign’s team consists of Spades, KiWiKaKi, Perfect, Future, SLush, Phoenix and Fayth.

Be sure to check out both the IGN Pro League and the IPL Team Arena at www.ign.com/ipl.