IGN eSports Launches IPL TV

BY Andrew Miesner / June 14, 2011

Today IGN eSports announced that it will be broadcasting StarCraft II related content every weeknight. Dubbed IPL TV, the nightly show will include “never before seen games from the IGN Pro League Season 2 qualifiers, interviews with players and casters that are participating in the IPL, as well as video blogs from around the IGN eSports offices!”

Split into four categories, the content shown on IPL TV will include:

Match Videos

We will be opening each day with a brand new match from our qualifiers, cast by our in-house casters – CatsPajamas, HDStarCraft and/or PainUser!  We will also be closing out each day with a match that has already been uploaded to our site but we feel is really exciting and interesting.  All of these games feature players who are some of the top players in the world as they fought to qualify for IPL 2.

Inside IGN Vlogs

These are short pieces about the experiences of the cast and crew of IGN.  We focus on a different person each time and follow them around the office, checking out how they do what they do, and do a quick interview with them.  It’s basically a short glimpse into IGN eSports through different people.

Ask IGN eSports Anything

This is a show where we take any questions from users from facebook, twitter and email for the staff of IGN eSports.  We then do a show with our casters who will be responding to the questions and talking about things related to the discussion.

IPL Interviews

We recently had the opportunity to do a bunch of high production quality interviews with players and managers who participated in IPL 1 and who will be participating in IPL 2.  The interviews were conducted by our casters and they revolve around the player’s and manager’s impressions of the IPL, their reactions to IPL 1 and their hopes for IPL 2.

IPL TV kicks off tomorrow (June 15th) at 5:00 PM PDT, 7:00 PM CDT and 8:00 PM EDT. To check out the action, click here.