IGN Pro League Releases Season 1 Replay Pack

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2011

A week ago the IGN Pro League finished up Season 1 of their StarCraft II tournament. Today the league has released a full replay pack for you to download for free. This means that you can watch your favorite players from within StarCraft II, allowing you control over observation. This is a big deal because replays essentially allow you to study exactly what the pros are doing, which lets your incorporate their style into your play.


IGN Wrote:
IGN eSports is now releasing the replay pack of all of the games from the first season of the IGN Pro League. We know this is something that people really like so for our first season we are happy to be able to provide this for you. We hope you learn a lot from the games contained within, hone your game skills and play in IPL Season Two! If you think you have the skills, stand up and fight for a spot in the IPL Season 2!


To get your hands on the replay pack, click here. Also, if you missed out on Season 1 of the IGN Pro League, you can check out all the VODs for free.