IGN ProLeague VODs Free and in HD

BY Andrew Miesner / April 20, 2011

Tomorrow will mark the debut of IGN’s new Starcraft II ProLeague. Up until recently, a lot of the details surrounding the league have been pretty vague, especially regarding how the games will be streamed and if VODs will be available.

Today, via facebook, the IGN ProLague announced that “Our VODs will be: 1. In HD 2. 100% Free 3. Available to everyone.”

Now this may not seem like big news, however when you consider how the other major StarCraft II leagues distribute their content, it takes on more weight. For example, to have access to the NASL’s HD stream and VODs, you need to pay $25 for an HD pass. Even for the GSL, you need to pay $10 to watch VODs.

To check out the IGN ProLeague, head over to their website tomorrow at 8 PM EST.