IGN’s StarCraft II Pro League is Official

BY Andrew Miesner / April 4, 2011

Today, after a long series of hints and clues, games industry giant IGN officially announced its StarCraft II Pro League Tournament.

According to the website:


IGN Entertainment and its eSports division is excited to announce the IGN Pro League! The first season of the IPL is an invitational tournament to showcase what we can provide to you, the viewer, as well as serving as a test run for us for all of our new production and operations mechanisms. 16 players representing 9 different North American based clans will be competing for a prize pool of $5,000 and 4 automatic qualifier spots for IPL Season 2!

The goal of the IPL is to bring a professional, polished viewing experience to fans of eSports, as well as supporting the development of eSports both nationally and internationally through a sustainable tournament system that rewards those who play in it.

The players who are participating include: ROOTCatZ, FnaticMSITTI, SeleCT, FXOSheth, ROOTKiwikaki, VTSpades, EGIdrA, ROOTMinigun, ROOTdrewbie, EGMachine, LGAgh, FnaticFenix, sixjaxViBE, EGiNcontroL, EGAxslav and CompLexity’s own stalife.

Commentary will be provided by DJ Wheat, Total Biscuit HDStarcraft and LGPainUser.



Be sure to checkout http://www.ign.com/ipl/ on April 21st when the tournament kicks off.

To check out the format, complete schedule, bracket seeding and FAQ click here.