IM wins the First GSTL

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2011

Incredible Miracle also known as IM has won the first GSTL. After a dramatic 2nd to last game by Park “ST_Squirtle” Hyun Woo beating IMMvp to keep StarTale in the clan match. IM pulls out IMNesTea for there Ace match. IMNesTea beats Squirtle on Xel’Naga Caverns almost with ease and wins the GSTL for team IM.

Outstanding game play from both StarTale and Incredible Miracle’s line ups. IM the first winners of GSTL have won 10,000,000 KRW ($9,030 USD) and of course the trophy, and the respect. Christopher Dring of Blizzard awared IM with the teams winnings, and was there to show his support to the GSL and GSTL.

“The best clan match in esports history” – Tasteless

(Christopher Dring of Blizzard)