Infamy to DINC; Controversy a cause

BY Andrew Miesner / October 26, 2009

Another shift has occurred at the top levels of the Counter-Strike scene, as the players of Infamy have moved over to the DINC organization. However, that seemingly simple move has drawn a bit of controversy in its wake.

For the Infamy players, the move to the new organization came about after a bout of broken promises and losing the ability to compete with Infamy.

“Being with Infamy, they had promised us many things like the basics of a vent, website and server. But one week later, the vent went down, the website never launched and the server went down,” described Anthony “djibouti” Manosca.

“And now it’s time for the ESEA playoffs, and while they had promised they were going to pay, they only have $200 for flights and hotel. It’s very disheartening to go an entire season under this name putting in the time and practice and not be able to go to the ESEA LAN in the end.”

Things were complicated further when the manager of Infamy had iterated that the tickets were going to be purchased on October 19th. When nothing materialized at that time, Manosca explained further, “for the rest of the week, he ignored our PMs and calls and he finally talked to us on the 26th of October saying that we won’t be able to go.”

Attempts to contact Infamy management have been unsuccessful so far.

Not all was lost for the players though, as the organization of DINC approached the team specifying that they could send them to the ESEA LAN Playoffs.

And on the heels of the move, the newly situate DINC roster has made a change to that very roster. Citing conflicts with the team dynamic, Robert “Ph0bius” Irey has been replaced with David “Xp3” Garrido.

“The first reason behind switching out Rob with David was because Rob had a terrible work schedule. It kept him until 9:30PST every night and for our team full of east coast players, we were all really tired by the time we needed to scrim with him,” started Manosca.

“The other aspect is that his attitude didn’t mesh very well with the rest of us, and it would set a bad atmosphere. And given Rob’s schedule, we would start playing with David until Rob got home from work, and the chemistry just clicked. And with that, we decided to pick him up.”

With a new member and a new organization, the focus will shift to performance for the new DINC team as the ESEA LAN is about a week and a half away. Roster

Kyle “synikaL” Mendez
United States Anthony “djibouti” Manosca
United States Jasper “sfX-x1-” Ko
Canada Jimmy “LiN” Lin
France David “Xp3” Garrido