Interview with coL.jaH

BY Andrew Miesner / August 7, 2011

One of compLexity’s newest members, Matthew “jaH” Penaroza was recentely interviewed by In the interview jaH comments on how coL.HoN came to be, as well as what the team needs to do to be the best that they can be. Matthew also dives into what makes his opponents so good, as well as what he thinks about the current status of HoN.

An excerpt from the interview can be found below:


GR: DWI has been a well-known team on the scene for quite a while, but in recent times you haven’t been able to secure yourself a number 1 spot in a tournament lately. You guys recently got picked up by compLexity, how did you get said sponsorship? Why didn’t you guys look for sponsorships in the past?

Jah: Our team has been approached by quite a few sponsors in the past, but most of them really didn’t meet up to our standard of what we wanted from a sponsor. However, when we were approached by Complexity Gaming who got pointed our way by [S2]Detonator and [S2]Johnnyutah, we were more than eager to get things underway. They were friendly and straightforward with us and laid out a contract that was mutually beneficial which we were quick to accept. We had all recognized coL from their old Counter-Strike team and we all were excited to join such a prestigious organization.

GR: Right now, what team do you feel is your biggest challenge and why?

Jah: The biggest challenge to coL is coL, we are our greatest adversary. I know that as individuals we all have the skill level to beat any team on the scene right now. We as a team just need to figure out how to take the five individuals on the team and form them into one. Building a team is like building a house, if a house has a bedroom, a living room, and a dining room, but no bathroom, the house isn’t truly complete. Just like a house, if a team is missing just one part it won’t function how it should. Our potential has yet to be fully reached as the transition of our new roster takes time but once it blossoms, I feel that we will be dominant like no team before us.


Read the full interview by clicking here.