Interview with coL.Reckful

BY Andrew Miesner / September 2, 2009

This past weekend the coL.WoW squad competed in MLG Dallas. They were able to finish in 3rd place after several grueling and intense matches. We caught up with our newest player Byron “Reckful” Berstein to ask him some questions about Dallas, the new patch and the future for coL.

How does it feel to take 3rd place in your first tournament with coL?
Feels great, almost like we took 1st – the top two teams we failed to beat were near impossible for RMP and we felt very accomplished beating the other amazing teams there.

What are your overall thoughts of the event?
Minus a few computer issues the event was well set up and coordinated.  It was a little too cold in the room (Pookz brought a hair dryer from the hotel room to warm his hands).  My only serious complaint – the two teams playing should not sit directly across from each other.  Teams can hear each other’s strategies unless they speak multiple languages (nerf Koreans).  At one point Sodah knew SK was planning a big burst on me and gave me pain suppression – another time I called out I was blinding Enforcer and he vanished it (told me afterward).

Is there anything you would want to see MLG change for Anahiem? 

Have teams sit far apart.  I figure the only issue is having to use two cameras instead of one.

What do you think of the 3.2 patch?
With the resilience buffs, I like the pace of the game in RMP mirrors and RMP vs RLS.  It’s not resilience’s fault BM hunters solo Yog in four seconds – something else needs to be changed there.

What was going through your mind when the long round was being played between Button Bashers?
I didn’t think about it during the match but I should have been freaking out.  Sodah was blinded/sheeped/sheeped/imp CSed, 29 seconds he couldn’t cast, and I was running around the dalaran crates at 6k health, knowing my death would mean us losing the series.  I took credit for running around and living but Venruki’s peels saved me really. That was the fourth round but it was the last round for me – with the adrenaline from winning that fight there was no possibility we’d lose the next.

When playing x6, Venruki switched to a RET Paladin, is this something you had been working on or just something you were testing?
 It was Venruki’s first time playing arena as a ret paladin.  He took a lot of criticism but he used most his abilities. At least he bubbles before dying (HEH).

You knew if you were able to beat SK you would make it to bracket play. How did you prepare yourself for this?
In the hotel room I started discussing it but Ruki said “don’t have to talk about it, we know what we have to do, just ****ing play.”

Favorite moment in Dallas?
Barely beating Fnatic 3-2 after being down 0-2 with the last game coming down to 2v2.

Is it possible we could see a new comp from compLexity in the near future?
I hope to make Venruki learn every class.  I’m enjoying mine.